Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Die Hard is a classic action movie that has been a fan favorite for decades. But to many people's surprise, it is also a Christmas movie. From the setting and plot to the themes and characters, Die Hard perfectly embodies the spirit of Christmas.

First and foremost, the setting of Die Hard is crucial in establishing it as a Christmas movie. The story takes place on Christmas Eve, in the Nakatomi Plaza building in Los Angeles. The setting is highly festive, with decorations and a holiday party taking place. This setting immediately draws connections to Christmas, as it is the most important holiday of the year and often involves gatherings and celebrations.

In addition to the setting, the plot of Die Hard is centered around the holiday season. The story follows John McClane, a cop who is visiting his estranged wife at her office holiday party. As the party is taking place, a group of terrorists led by Hans Gruber takes over the building and holds everyone hostage. McClane must then use his skills and bravery to take down the terrorists and save the hostages, including his wife.

This plot is a clear representation of the holiday season and the themes it embodies. The holiday season is a time for coming together and spending time with loved ones, and the story of Die Hard reflects this. The terrorists try to tear apart the holiday party and the families gathered there, but McClane fights to keep them together and safe. This is a perfect representation of the holiday spirit of love and togetherness.

Furthermore, the character of John McClane himself embodies the holiday spirit. Throughout the movie, he displays selflessness and bravery in his efforts to save the hostages and protect his wife. He puts himself in harm's way and suffers numerous injuries in the process, all for the greater good. This selflessness and willingness to sacrifice for others is a hallmark of the holiday season and the values it represents.

Additionally, the holiday season is often a time of forgiveness and second chances. This theme is present in the character arc of John McClane and his relationship with his wife. Throughout the movie, McClane and his wife have tension and conflict due to their strained relationship. However, as McClane fights to save her and the other hostages, their relationship begins to heal and they are able to reconcile. This resolution and restoration of their relationship is a perfect example of the holiday spirit of forgiveness and second chances.

But it's not just the setting, plot, and characters that make Die Hard a Christmas movie. The movie also includes several overt Christmas references and symbols. For example, the terrorists dressed as Santa Claus and use the holiday party as a cover for their attack. This is a clear nod to the holiday season and the symbolism it holds. Additionally, the movie features several Christmas songs and carols, including "Let It Snow" and "Winter Wonderland." These songs not only add to the festive atmosphere, but also serve to further solidify the holiday theme.

In conclusion, Die Hard is not just an action movie, but also a Christmas movie. From the setting and plot to the themes and characters, it perfectly embodies the spirit of the holiday season. The movie's setting on Christmas Eve, its plot centered around the holiday season, and its themes of selflessness, forgiveness, and togetherness all contribute to its status as a Christmas movie. Additionally, the inclusion of overt Christmas references and symbols further solidify its place in the holiday film genre. So next time you watch Die Hard, don't forget to add it to your holiday movie list