Thursday, May 30, 2024

These ACTUALLY Work | Week In Nerdom




  • Lacuna Coil has a new record featuring the single "In the Mean Time" that was released last month. The full album is slated for release this year if "everything goes as planned."
  • The US government is finally suing to break up the Live Nation/Ticketmaster monopoly. Live Nation has responded with a statement blaming fans and scalpers while seeming to deny the alleged anticompetitive practices.
  • New Breaking Benjamin music should also be released before the end of the year.

New Music/Videos

  • As I Lay Dying - "Burden" (leaning more towards their old sound than expected)
  • Zeal & Ardor - "Clawing Out" (a groovy, genre-blending track)
  • Amerakin Overdose - "Damaged" (for fans of early 2000s nu-metal)
  • Orbit Culture - "While We Serve" (live video of a previously released song)
  • Bring Me the Horizon - "n/a" and "Bullet With My Name On" feat. Underoath (new indie rock and poppy emo sounds)
  • Attila - "New Devil" feat. Dickie Allen (nu-metal vibes)


  • Orbit Culture scoring Slipknot off-date headlining shows
  • Jane's Addiction "Corrupt the Innocent" tour with Love and Rockets
  • Misfits Texas show with Suicidal Tendencies, Reverend Horton Heat, Agnostic Front
  • Recent Maryland Deathfest 2024 highlights


  • Mayhem Fest revival officially announcing details, celebrating album anniversaries


  • American Head Charge - "War of Art" (2001 industrial metal album)



  • Multiversus launch details still unclear
  • Suno music AI version 3.5 launched for premium/paid users, free rollout next week


  • Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake teaser hints at "The Legacy Begins"
  • Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion launching June 4th


  • YouTube Music adding song search by humming/singing
  • Super Mario 64 Maker allows creating/sharing custom levels
  • Silent Hill Transmission event on May 30th for SH2 remake updates


  • Multiversus (crossover fighter with Warner Bros characters)

Comic Books/Books


  • Wolverine: Revenge prestige series by Hickman/Capullo with extreme "red bagged" content
  • He-Man X Ninja Turtles crossover mini titled "Turtles of Greyskull"
  • DC reprinting Plastic Man's first appearance amidst DCU inclusion rumors
  • Hellverine #1 featuring a Ghost Rider/Wolverine demonic crossover
  • Batman: The Long Halloween sequel series "The Last Halloween" announced
  • Ultraman X Avengers crossover with Marvel heroes


  • TMNT X Batman (2015 crossover mini-series)

TV Shows


  • Green Lanterns writers confirmed as Damon Lindelof and Chris Mundy joining Tom King
  • Joe Bob Briggs announcing summer season of The Last Drive-In
  • Shane Gillis' Tires sitcom renewed for season 2 on Netflix


  • The Bear season 3 trailer


  • Vision Quest series greenlit on Disney+ with Paul Bettany returning


  • Heroes (2006-2010 NBC superhero drama series)



  • 28 Years Later filming in UK with returning/new cast
  • Blade lost writer Michael Green after 7 revisions


  • New Beetlejuice 2 trailer
  • Frank Miller documentary "American Genius" in theaters June 10th


  • Shoot 'Em Up getting animated sequel "Blast 'Em Up" self-funded by director


  • Shoot 'Em Up (2007 Clive Owen action film)

Rumor Mill


  • Refute - George Lucas not returning to Star Wars/filmmaking

New Sources

  • Young Avengers rumored to focus on Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye
  • Giancarlo Esposito set to play Dr. Doom in MCU based on comments

New Rumors

  • Blade undergoing significant revisions again, casting main villain, Mahershala Ali may exit
  • Venom 3 plot synopsis leaked involving Eddie vs Peter Parker
  • New ROG Ally handheld with AMD chip
  • Medieval-set "Doom: The Dark Ages" for PS5/Xbox
  • Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D may include trilogy collection
  • Resident Evil 0 and Code Veronica remakes to bridge gap to RE9
  • Dr. Doom series based on canceled Noah Hawley movie treatment


  • Jared Padalecki joining The Boys season 5 after Supernatural/Walker
  • Blade's Mahershala Ali exit purely speculative

Monday, April 22, 2024

Aliens VS Avengers... Obviously

Marvel Comics has unveiled an unprecedented crossover event, "Aliens vs Avengers," helmed by the illustrious creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic, the masterminds behind the critically acclaimed "Secret Wars" saga.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Strike Over?

After a 146-day strike, the WGA and AMPTP have finally reached a tentative agreement, paving the way for a return to production in Hollywood.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Dark Horse Comics Unveils First Look at Masters of the Universe: Forge of Destiny

Dark Horse Comics has released an exclusive first look at the upcoming Masters of the Universe: Forge of Destiny series, a prequel to the Netflix animated series Masters of the Universe: Revelation.