Sunday, January 22, 2017

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Live Music Review and a Discussion on Women in Heavy Music


     So usually in this area I basically just say in different words the description I posted on Youtube. This time however, I wanted to take a minute to discuss in a little more depth some of the statements I made in the video.

It was awesome to be able to interview Terrance Zdunich and his writing partner Saar Hendelman. I have been a fan of Terrance's work since Repo! The Genetic Opera. With everything he has released since my fondness for his craft, and subsequently Saar's, grows deeper.
My apologies for the first 8 minutes of mediocre audio, sometimes there are too many record buttons to keep track of. I promise the quality gets much better.
I chose to tag team this interview with my co-host from Eclectica Cafe, Chance.

Join the conversation in the comments section. Tell Me what Chance and I did wrong, or right.