Sunday, January 22, 2017

Protest the Hero and August Burns Red - Live!

     I may have been denied the opportunity to interview them, but they will never take from me the ability to review their music!
     Always a great time at a PTH show! Love those guys.
     This was no exception. While they seemed a bit crowded on stage, they still performed perfectly. Every time I see them live I swear Rody's voice becomes more dynamic than the last time. This time, too, Luke and Tim's guitars were in even better sync than last time. I felt like the last time I saw them that Tim was a little under utilized. My only wish would be that there was more of a show on stage. More than just some moving lights, give me some moving MUSICIANS.

     August Burns Red did not disappoint either. It has been a while since I have feared for my safety in a crowd, and at this show I was definitely worried that I may incur an injury. Low and behold I did. Caught a fist in the pit. It was much more fun than I initially anticipated. I expected a good show, and what I got was an INCREDIBLE one.

     Side note:
          WTF is up with Rody? He looks like his name should be "Chad" (read: frat boy-ish) and sounds like he should be in an 80s power metal band. Perhaps this enigma is one of the reasons why I enjoy them so. Who knows?

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