Sunday, November 12, 2017

Week in Nerdom 11-6-2017


The Week in Nerdom keeps going and getting better! Have you checked it out yet?

Star Wars Episode X!!!
Lion King live action cast announced
Deathstroke movie happening still with Joe Manganiello as the world's greatest mercenary
Doctor Sivana casting announced for Shazam! movie
Black Adam has a screen writer
X-23 is getting her own movie!
Tom Hanks is working on a new sci-fi movie called BIOS
The Legendary Monster Mashup is not going to happen?
Wonder Woman best comic book movie ever?

Krypton casting announcement
Twilight Zone is getting rebooted
Titans TV show is going to feature the Flying Graysons... does that mean there is going to be a Batman too?
New Ninja Turtles show voice cast announced
Westworld Season 2 news?
Walking Dead episode3 reaction/review.

Dark Nights: Metal bring us more Supermen... are they evil?
Batman: White Knight  gives us a Joker and Harley wedding
Catwoman said "YES"... and now craziness ensues
Doomsday Clock looms ever closer, now we see some Rorschach art?
Assassin's Creed Origin to have a female protagonist?
Darth Vader #7 gives Vader his saber and more Jedi to hunt.

Eleague Group B was some INTENSE Injustice 2 action, FoxyGrampa and Tekken Master move on to the championship round.
Samsung Galaxy is the world champion team in League of Legends
Rocket League is coming to Nintendo Switch!
Planet of the Apes game comes out later this month for PS4, no date for PC or XB1

The surviving Beatles are pandering to the Christmas audience.
Internet radio show, Aggressive Tendencies on, apparently can't get over Phil Anselmo being Phil Anselmo.
Sevendust are still a thing, and they are putting out a new record.
New music streaming app, Gimme Radio, targets the largest musical audience in the world. METAL HEADS!

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