Thursday, December 7, 2017

Week in Nerdom 12-4-2017

The Week In Nerdom... check it out!
Dark Crystal: Resistance has started filming
Crisis on Earth X happened on the CW, did you miss it?
The Orville season is getting cut short...
Black Mirror things
Fear the Walking Dead, Morgan is our crossover character.
Constantine is all geared up for season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow.

Todd McFarlane tweeted some interesting stuff about his new Spawn reboot.
Yon Rogg may or may not be the villain for the Captain Marvel movie.
Hellboy gets a release date.
Disney is getting SO CLOSE to acquiring parts of FOX, what does that mean for the MCU?
New Masters of the Universe movie?
Avengers: Infinity War trailer is the most viewed movie trailer ever... have you seen it yet?

Mike Portnoy comes to the aide of Lars Ulrich.
What is your stance on Christmas music?
Eminem puts a date on it.
Protest the Hero are going on tour to celebrate 10 years of Fortress.
H.I.M are finally bidding farewell.
How did I miss a new He Is Legend album?
Grammy nominees have been announced, who is your pick?

Tom King is bringing us a brand new all original Batman villain... let's hope...
World War Hulk 2 is happening.

Overwatch is doing some updating.
Star Wars fans are petitioning to get EA's grubby hands off their favorite IP.
Gaming awards are happening, who are your picks?



  1. So your thoughts on Black Mirror. Joining the bandwagon four seasons in. Where to begin?

    1. Start with episode 2 of season 1. it will give you an appreciation for the series before you get too scarred by ep 1. Episode 1 is HEAVY! and disturbing. I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to watch 2 and 3 before you hit ep 1 even.

      Being as the seasons are so short, it is really easy to bing the whole series.

      In this week's Week In Nerdom TV edition, I do a quick break down of season 4. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

      Thanks for the comment!