Friday, April 20, 2018

Adventures in Photography - What's In My Camera Bag DiNK 2018

DiNK Denver 2018 starts April 14th. This is what is in both my primary AND secondary bags.

My MAIN Camera, Canon EOS Rebel T7i Bundle:

AC Power adapter for LP-E17 (the battery the Canon EOS T7i uses)... Be aware, this power adapter causes some noise when you are using ANY mic plugged into the body, so you will need a good external audio source (see below) or use the on board mic (not suggested):

Speaking of power...
These usb cables (mini: or micro: combined with this power block ( make for a FANTASTIC power solution on a budget or off. AND they will power basically any of your usb capable devices.

Not my action camera... This one is better AND about the same price:

Action Camera tripod... this little guy is VERSATILE!

My Tripod:

Tascam DR-40 the lifesaver of a field recorder:

Mobile lighting rig! This is seriously the best bang for your buck on the list. You can't even BUILD lights this cheap. But these lights aren't cheap on quality.

~General Stores~

The quality stuff:

The cheap stuff:


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