Sunday, December 16, 2018

Week In Nerdom 12-10 - Keepin the nerdy news alive!

The embattled witch show is not only going whole hog on season 2, which debuts April 5th, but they will also be gracing us with a Christmas Special episode which will debut on Dec 14th.

Alien News Desk
Syfy has hired on Lorne Michaels to produce a topical news show as told from the point of view of extraterrestrials… This isn’t going to be insanely ridiculous or anything.

Ghostbusters 3
Dan Aykroyd says a script is being worked on to reunite the remaining cast of the original 2 movies.

Sony Spider-less Universe
Jared Leto has announced that production has begun on Morbius and Sony has earmarked 2 dates in 2020 for what seems like Morbius and possibly a Venom sequel. July 10th is the as yet officially announced New Spider-less Universe movie, and Oct 2 is the un announced sequel.

With the crazy cluster that is the DCEU right now there are a lot of cards in play. FIRST we have the official title of the Birds of Prey movie; Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn… oh brother.
Next we have Ezra Miller going on record with Playboy magazine confirming that the Flash movie is still happening, and it is “crazy dope.”

Then we have Marvel…
Daredevil has been cancelled. So it is only a matter of time before the same happens to Jessica Jones and Punisher. Will these shows find their way over to Hulu? Bob Iger has said that the more “mature” content is likely going to go up there, though he didn’t specify if that means just most of the Fox catalogue or what.

Walking Dead
Can we talk about the mid-season finale? The Whispers come in at a time when the series needs something to breathe new life into it. And new life is EXACTLY what we got. This was a SCARY episode! Samantha Morton and Ryan Hurst as Alpha and Beta.

The Limit
Michelle Rodriguez and Norman Reedus star in a 180 degree VR movie. It looks like pure popcorn fodder, but this starts a new conversation in film, what do we do with a VR experience?

Eminem is producing a Youtube Red Original movie?! From the trailer ( it actually looks good. It is a slightly satirical look at the world of battle rapping. While the politics look to be the usual liberal garbage, it isn’t all bad. The main character is white and he is dealing with surviving in a world that is stereotypically occupied by minorities. Is this the beginning of Eminem’s red pill?

Tekken 7
As if you needed more reasons to own one of the greatest fighting games in the last decade… Negan is coming to Tekken 7

NetherRealm Studios
May be developing a first person action title… according to a job posting for a new senior artist/animator. Or is it just the new adventure mode for MKXI?

Fallout 76
Is buggier than a tween reality show on Nickelodeon.

They are NOT working on a Superman game… at least their next project is not a Superman game. That’s not to say that we won’t ever get a Superman game from them, nor is it saying that the next game won’t have Supes in it. Just that it won’t be exclusively Superman.

Sega all but announced the existence of the Dreamcast Mini… HELL YES!

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