Friday, January 17, 2020

Bye-bye Watchmen, Hello Aquaman! | Week In Nerdom 01-17



Recruited Alicia Vigil from Vigil of War for bass duties.

Mac Miller
New record? Circles, which was reported to be a companion record to Swimming. Completed by producer Jon Brion.


Damon Lindelof has officially left the show. Will we see another season?

Green Lantern
HBO Max is doing a Green Lantern series that has confirmed to have Sinestro in it.

James Wan is producing an animated series for HBO Max. 3 part mini, with each episode reportedly being a stand alone story.

Season 3 might not happen. David Fincher’s schedule has caused Netflix to release the 3 leads from their contracts. Though we will be getting another season of Love, Death, and Robots.


Corey Taylor
To direct a horror movie! Teaming up, once again with Tom Savini.


Cuisine Royale
New Battle Royale game… 

Comic Books/Books

Rumor Mill

Dr. Strange 2
Did Scott Derrickson leave the project because Feige wants the Scarlet Witch to be the big villain?

Rumor has it that the Jeremy Renner show is being shelved indefinitely because of Renner’s personal issues.

Jar Jar to make an appearance?

Quantum Leap
NBC rebooting the series for Peacock?

Horizon Zero Dawn
PC Port?

More rumors point not only to a movie but also a Disney+ series based in the KOTOR timeline.

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