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Squash the Rumors! Kill them if you have to | Week In Nerdom


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Fear Factory - The band has finally replaced Burton C Bell. Dino Cazares has said that he would like to introduce Fear Factory’s new vocalist via a new song. Which won’t even be written until he returns to the Fear Factory practice space after touring with Soulfly.

Dimebag/Dean - Evan Rubinson has responded publicly saying that no such things occurred and he challenges Rita Haney to release any audio she may have of him disparaging the legacy or either Dimebag or Vinnie Paul. The Dimebag drama continues, and can only be settled in court it would seem. Dimebag’s 55th bday

New Videos

Halestorm - Back From the Dead. From the band’s next record, set for 2022 release.

Ed Sheeran - Visiting hours from new album = out October 29.


NIN - cancels 2021 tour.

Riot Fest - Sept 16-19. Slipknot has joined the Headliners, taking the Sunday spot from NIN. AND Thursday the 16th has been added to the mix, with Morrissey set to curate the entire evening (it will only be a night-time lineup.) 



Splitgate - The full release has been delayed indefinitely.


4K remaster now available on all major gaming platforms for $10!! Includes all expansion packs including a new one from Machine Games, as well as multiplayer campaign support AND plain ol’ multiplayer! 

Amazon Department Stores

Amazon is opening brick and mortar department style stores… we are going backwards nerds… 

Horizon Workrooms

Facebook VR is going corporate. Oculus Quest 2 is the key to almost in person meetings.

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

10th anniversary edition to be released Nov 11. With the anniversary edition there is a slew of new additions to the core game. All the DLC and additions from the original Skyrim launch through the special edition of Skyrim from a few years ago, PLUS what Bethesda is calling 500 unique Creation Club elements, including new weapons, quests, bosses, dungeons, and spells. AND they will be adding fishing to the game. 

Comic Books/Books


War of the Bounty Hunters - Boba Fett’s ship has a new name, Firespray.

Star Wars: Crimson Reign

New Star Wars comic book series announced. Crimson Reign will be the sequel to War of the Bounty Hunters, and will focus on Qi’ra as she becomes the leader of the Crimson Dawn. Part 2 of Charles Soule’s Star Wars trilogy.


Jonathan Hickman is leaving… again. The X-Men revitalizer will make his leave after Inferno, an upcoming event. Hickman won’t be leaving Marvel, as many have done recently, but instead will move on to his “next big Marvel thing,” the X-Men line however will once again do a soft reboot in January.



Punky Brewster - The revival is no more. Peacock has cancelled Punky Brewster after just one season.

Paramount Premieres - Yellowstone Nov 7th on Paramount Network. Mayor of Kingstown Nov 14 on Paramount+, 1883 December 19th on Paramount+


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - NOT the second half of the Kevin Smith series… but equally as cringe. Produced by Rob David who was behind the Smith series and the DC comics. Sept 16

Foundation - Sept 24 can’t get here fast enough. The Psychohistory is strong in this one!!

Lives of the Mayfair Witches

The OTHER Anne Rice series is ALSO getting a series adaptation on AMC. The Lives of the Mayfair Witches is currently in production. 



Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne) will be introduced in the MCU in Black Panther 2.  To hit theaters July 8 2022. 


Eternals - Still set for Nov 5th.

Captain America 4

Anthony Mackie is officially onboard for the movie. 

Catwoman: Hunted

DC has announced that Catwoman is getting an ANIME. Catwoman:Hunted is set to release this fall, and will feature the voices of lizabeth Gillies (Dynasty) as the titular character Selina Kyles, Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) as Batwoman, and Jonathan Banks (Better Call Saul) as the villain Black Mask, Steve Blum as Solomon Grundy, Lauren Cohan as Julia Pennyworth, Keith David as Tobias Whale, Zehra Fazal as Talia al Ghul & Nosferata, Jonathan Frakes as King Faraday & Boss Moxie, Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Barbara Minerva/Cheetah, Kelly Hu as Cheshire, Andrew Kishino as Mr. Yakuza & Domino 6, Eric Lopez as Domino 1, Jacqueline Obradors as La Dama, and Ron Yuan as Doctor Tzin.

Gene Roddenberry

New Biopic in the works from Roddenberry Entertainment. Son Rod will EP. 

Rumor Mill

Secret Wars

The original Secret Wars writer Jim Shooter has dropped some heavy hints that Marvel is likely early on in the process of a live-action secret wars!

Captain America 4

Sebastian Stan rumored to return as Buckey.

Star Wars: Finn

Series could replace the lost Cara Dune series…

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