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These Rumors GOTTA Be Put To Rest | Week In Nerdom


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THIS is how you handle yourself in a crowd at a concert!!!


Stabbing Westward - Releasing “Chasing Ghosts” March 18, 2022. To feature the tracks from the EP they released in 2020 titled “Dead and Gone.” 

New Videos/Music

Darkwoods My Betrothed - Black Fog and Poisoned Wind Black Metal is getting production value? Gone are the days when only Craddle of Filth and Amon Amarth are battling for that distinction.

The Halo Effect - Shadowminds Showing those influential roots.

Asking Alexandria - Alone Again shades of Unforgiven?

Slipknot - Chapeltown Rag still bringing the heat.


Killswitch Engage - With August Burns Red and Light the Torch!!! Kicks off Jan 28 in Pittsburgh and runs through Mar 12 in Philadelphia 

Okilly Dokilly - FAREWELL TOUR!! April through May, starting in Tulsa April 14 through Austin May 7. 

Metal Injection X Mastodon X Disturbed

Let’s get reasonable here for a minute… Brent Hinds is kind of a dick, but also KUDOS to Metal Injection for allowing room for forgiveness 



Twitter Blue - finally rolling out in the US. Blue will be $3, and offer you a couple things that don’t seem worth it, unless you really want to be a beta tester for the social media giant. 

Back 4 Blood - content Roadmap released 

Hextech Mayhem

League of Legends is branching out with a new rhythm based game for PC, Switch, and Netflix. Launching on most platforms Nov 16. Netflix sometime after. 


Announced that Venmo payments will be an option starting sometime in 2022, for US residents. 

Comic Books/Books


Star Wars Crimson Reign - New details from Charles Soule let us know where the Knights of Ren are and how this all plays into the original trilogy timeline.

To launch in December.

"In Crimson Reign, there are a lot of things that happen, right? It's very, very cool, it's a big, sprawling story. It's the middle chapter of this trilogy. It's a three-act structure," Soule shared with the Broaxium podcast. "Act One is set-up, Act Two is complication, Act Three is resolution. So this is complication. And one of the complications that happen are [that] the Knights of Ren pull a heist on Fortress Vader. So they go to Vader's Castle on Mustafar and they ... So that's the thing. It's a whole issue built around that idea, it's gonna be what you think it is." 

Batman #118 - the first issue for Joshua Williamson and Jorge Molina on the title just got some KILLER teaser art. Dec 7, preorder cut off is SUNDAY! 

Scott Snyder/Comixology - More art showing the move away from DC was probably a great idea for Snyder. With Snyder and Greg Capullo’s We Have Demons #2. 



Squid Game - Season 2 confirmed 

ALSO… speaking of Squid Game, Arcane (the LoL animated series) is surprisingly the show that dethroned the infamous show from the top seat at Netflix.


Stranger Things - still no release date?

TV Collection

Jeffrey Greestein, president of Millennium Media, told THR that there are TV projects in various stages of pre-development for Hellboy, Rambo, the Has Fallen series, and The Expendables. Said if any of them get off the ground they will likely star different, younger, action stars. 


The Netflix Festival Japan 2021 saw the streamer go hard with the anime push. Some highlights of the announcements made at the event are season 2 of Ultraman, live-action Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam live-action movie. 



Star Wars: Rogue Squadron - Patty Jenkins’ movie has been put on hold INDEFINITELY! Leading to MANY rumors. 


Ghostbusters: Afterlife - Nov 19

Vulcan’s Hammer

The Philip K Dick novel is being adapted as a movie by the director who gave us the Keanu Reeves Constantine movie, Francis Lawrence. 


The fan-favorite musical is getting a theatrical release starring Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo. 

Studio 666

The guys in the Foo Fighters have made a movie… The horror-comedy flick has been picked up for theatrical distribution by Open Road Films and will be on 2000 theater screens in the US as of Feb 25 2022. 

Rumor Mill

Star Wars Old Republic

D.B. Weiss and David Benioff were rumored to be starting work on this. Now that Rogue Squadron has been delayed indefinitely, a NUMBER of insiders are talking about this new project that isn’t Taika Waititi’s, Kevin Feige’s, or Rian Johnson’s projects.

Wonder Woman 3

Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, and Hawk Girl, both rumored for the movie.


ANOTHER rumor about an animated series. This time it is a little more vague, with original series producer/director Larry Houston still apparently in the dark, and Feige steering the ship, it could go a number of ways.

Spider-Man No Way Home

“Leaked” images making the rounds…


New rumor for post No Way Home says we will see Tom Holland wear the Venom symbiote.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The movie will reportedly introduce the SON of T’challa and Nakia.

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