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Shaking it all Up at DC, PLUS The Winchesters and Other Conversations | ...


Nicolas Cage

That JUST Happened

Interview with the Vampire - Ep 4. Claudia… I appreciate the change of POV as well as the attempt at justifying the change of character. But the execution is poor on so many levels.

Winchesters - ep01 & 02 - This show won’t make it very far. Maybe a second season, but beyond that I will be VERY surprised. Unless it gets better FAST.

American Horror Story - S11E01 & 02 - So far not bad…

HotD - ep10 - Transparent a bit, but in some good ways. Aemond kills Jacerys.

Joe Bob Halloween Special - Elvira’s Haunted Hills 2001 - Oh lord…

Black Adam - Apparently WBD is giving the Rock the reins for real, though he is just saying he wants to advise not lead. He is promising that the DCEU will “Always put the fans first.”

Cabinet of Curiosities - Lot 36 - Starring Tim Blake Nelson. Graveyard Rats



96 Bitter Beings - NOT CKY under a new name. CKY is still putting out music and playing. This is just Deron Miller’s new band. Thank you @CelebrateDeth

New Music/Video

Blink 182 - Edging Best since Enima of the State… but its still no Dude Ranch. Video by the folks at Lyrical Lemonade.

NITA STRAUSS - The Wolf You Feed ft. Alissa White-Gluz THIS is why Nita Strauss is a legend… though the lyrics are a hot mess.

2 Minutes to Late Night - Monster Mosh Gwarsenio Hall LOL

Gwar - The Cutter featuring Lzzy Hale. This is more the Gwar sound I enjoy. From the New Dar Ages.


Parkway Drive - with Memphis May Fire and Currents. Tickets on sale Oct 28 (fri)

Starts Jan 31 in LA through Feb 18 in Orlando. 

Elegant Weapons

New supergroup featuring Richie Faulkner (Judas Priest), Rex Brown (Pantera), Scott Travis (Priest), and Ronnie Romero (Rainbow). Debut album to be called “Horns for a Halo” out spring of ‘23 via Nuclear Blast Records.

System of a Down

Serj Tankian is cryptically withholding information about upcoming SOAD announcements until after the new year…

Killswitch Engage

WORKING ON ANOTHER RECORD! This might be the band’s most prolific era in their history.





RE:4 Remake - New Parry and Block mechanics are interesting.

Silent Hill - TOWNFALL: the fandom has decrypted some codes in the VERY short little trailer that seems to indicate it will be a prequel game. “Whatever Heart this town had has now stopped” Backward audio talking about Alessa. Morse Code saying “Thy Flesh is weak” - F: Ryukishi07 attached to develop the story. former Nintendo developer Motoi Okamoto produces. Neobards Entertainment will develop the game, coming off its previous work with Capcom's Resident Evil series. - 2 REMAKE: PS5 exclusive.

Gotham Knights - Stuck at 30fps, and the developer blames the Series S console.

YouTube - Adds pinch-to-zoom on mobile.

Stadia - Rockstar and Bethesda join CD Projekt Red, Bungie, Ubisoft, and IO interactive, with their support for customers on the platform migrating to other platforms.

The Sims

The Sims Summit Event happened. Basically the base game is free-to-play now and there is going to be a new game called Project Rene. Which fans are fairly comparing to Paralives.


Resident Evil The OG that started it all. FIRE up those emulators nerds! (the remakes will do)

Comic Books/Books


Winds of Winter - in a rare update from George RR Martin, he has revealed that he feels he is about ¾ of the way through the book. Given that is has been 12 years, that is a little worrisome. 

Batman: The Adventures Continue - Season 3 launches Jan 10 2023.

DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #3

Lobo is immune to the Anti-Life virus, because of course he is. Is this the beginning stages of a hero turn for the Czarnian? 


Riddler: Year One - Edward Nashton… not Nygma?


DCeased Vol 1. Tom Taylor · Trevor Hairsine · James Harren from 2019.



Mayfair Witches - PLUS Jan 8 2023 release date.

Succession - Season 4 to launch in Spring of 2023.

Witcher - Season 4 and 5 are both in active production.

Flash - The Ninth season is bringing in Red Death. 


Fallout - The Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy series is getting closer!

Silent Hill: Ascension - the strange series from Konami, Genvid Entertainment, Behaviour Interactive, DJ2 Entertainment and J.J. Abrams's Bad Robot.

Titans - season 4 

Leslie Jordan

Reba, Will and Grace actor passed in a car accident at 67.


Goeff Johns and Gary Frank are bringing their Image book to Paramount. Johns will serve as a writer on the project, as well as showrunner. Nuclear Fallout tale based around 2050. 

DC Studios

James Gunn and producing partner Peter Safran are the new heads of DC Studios (replacing DC Flims). They will be in charge of Movies, TV, and Animation, and will answer directly to Zaslav. This after the departure of Walter Hamada. Now refer to DCU 

Dr. Who

One of the oldest nerdy IPs has struck a deal with the devil Disney for the release of future seasons of the show. 


Cabinet of Curiosities



Return to Silent Hill - Christophe Gans returns to the franchise.

Prophet - The Jake Gyllenhaal movie is bringing in a new screenwriter in the form of Kurt Johnstad (300, Atomic Blonde) Previous writer Marc Guggenheim 


Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania - Not JUST Brother Blood, Mother Mayhem, and Jynx, but LEX EFFING LUTHOR!! This looks GREAT!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special - Nov 25.

Saw 10

Officially happening. Tobin Bell to return as Jigsaw. Kevin Greutert (Saw VI) to return as director. To premiere Oct 27, 2023. Tobin said previously that he would be willing to return for a prequel, exploring the origin of Billy the puppet. 

Conjuring 4

New Line Cinema has green lit the fourth installment of the franchise. Patrick Wilson and Vera Formiga should return. 


Halloween - The 78 classic from John Carpenter

Rumor Mill

New Sources

Star Wars - The Damon Lindelof movie is being rumored to be directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (Ms. Marvel). Also said to be a one-off movie.

Dr Doom - Rumor based on Rumor… Doom has been removed from the post credit stinger for Wakanda Forever. 

MCU Casting - Another source for Ryan Gossling in the Doom role, AND this source goes on to say that Adam Driver is going to be cast as Reed Richards. Furthermore the source adds a Reed alternative in Tom Ellis from Lucifer.

Silver Surfer

Rumored to be getting a Disney+ special event. ALSO said to be cameoing in the Fantastic Four or Antman movie.


Nick Cage 

Rumored to be in talks for both another National Treasure and Face/Off movie.

Red Death

Javicia Leslie is rumored to be the actor in the suit seen in those pictures.

Wonder Man

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II to be cast in the role for undisclosed future role.


Feige wants Halle Berry back for the role.


Rumored to be hitting digital downloads this December

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