Friday, May 24, 2024

Quickie Roundup | Week In Nerdom




Adam & Howard - Mixing their side project finally. Last heard about this project in August of last year. 

New Music/Video

Nonpoint - Underdog Just saw them with Mudvayne and Coal Chamber. Sounds like their fans will be happy. Looks like a lot of the footage came from that tour. Really holding onto that Nu-Metal flame. Not bad though.

Nightwish - Perfume of the Timeless SUPER EPIC 8 minute banger. The video concept is cool, “ancestors dreams are why you are here.” DAMN, that last movement is heavier than expected.

Serj Tankian - A.F. Day written for SOAD, but released solo. I can kinda see it.


Goatwhore - Support from Vitriol, Thantifaxath, Herakleion, Necrofier. Aug 9 through Sept 30th. 

Lorna Shore - Whitechapel, Kublai Khan, and Sanguisugabogg!!! Sept 19 through Oct 30. 

Reg ‘ol News

Slipknot - Gearing up to release their first single featuring Eloy Casagrande. Called “Long May You Die” 

Staind - Original drummer, Jon Wysocki, dead at 56. Had been having liver issues. Also played for Soil. 

Guns N Roses - Working on a new album… believe it when we see it. Slash claims they wrote a handful of songs during lockdown for the pandemic. 


Staind - Dysfunction



Kingdom Hearts - Steam release June 13th. Individually or as one big download, which will give players access to the “Dark Seeker Saga” once it is released, in order to get people ready for  Kingdom Hearts 4. 


Multiversus - Jason Vorhees and Agent Smith? May 28

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - 

Reg ‘ol News

Assassin’s Creed Shadows - BLACK SAMURAI? Yeah,Yasuke was a real person, which is fitting for what we know of the storytelling of the franchise. Will they take some artistic liberties with the character? Yes, without a doubt, but if this is the ONLY issue you have with the “historical accuracy” of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, your racism is showing. The biggest liberty is that Yasuke wasn’t even a Samurai. But are they billing him as one?

Microsoft Copilot Laptops - Microsoft has unveiled a new lineup of laptops called "Co-Pilot Plus PCs" powered by Qualcomm's 12-core Snapdragon X Elite and 10-core X+ ARM-based chips, aiming to bring an "ARM revolution" to Windows PCs similar to Apple's M1 chips for Macs. These ARM-based Windows laptops boast impressive battery life of up to 20+ hours, outperforming the M1 MacBook Air according to Microsoft. They also offer access to advanced AI models, new AI-powered software features, and performance claims of beating the M1 MacBook Air in both single and multi-threaded tasks. 


Kingdom Hearts - a series of action role-playing games created by Japanese game designers Tetsuya Nomura and Shinji Hashimoto, being developed and published by Square Enix (originally by Square). It is a collaboration between Square Enix and The Walt Disney Company, and is under the leadership of Nomura, a longtime Square Enix employee.

Comic Books/Books


Netflix/Apple/Peacock - bundle now has a $15 price monthly. With no contract. Starting next week for xfinity customers. Saves $100/yr. It IS in fact the ad supported tier of Netflix. 


Reg ‘ol News

Violator - Todd MacFarlane has announced a new Violator series set to explore the villain’s origins. To be launched this summer. Written by Eisner Award winner Marc Andreyko, with art by an all-star lineup of artists including Piotr Kowalski, Kyle Hotz, Jonathan Wayshak, Gianenrico Bonacorsi, Cully Hamner, and Von Randall. 

Spider-Society - Marvel announced a new Spider-Man book. A 4 issue limited series written by Alex Segura, and art from Scott Godlewski. Aug 14, spinoff from the Edge of Spider-Verse. 

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage - A new Assassin's Creed comic series, "Assassin’s Creed Mirage: A Soar of Eagles," will be released on November 6, 2024. The comic will be a three-issue series and will be $3.99 per issue. The story follows a young Fuladh, who returns to his homeland to investigate political unrest that could point to a secret Order of the Ancients' stronghold. 


Wytches - Scott Snyder’s horror book. illustrated by Jock. The first issue of the series released on 8 October 2014 and is currently published through Image Comics. The rights for a film adaptation have been purchased by Plan B Entertainment, but it has since evolved into an animated series for Amazon Prime Video.

TV Shows


Sandman - Adrian Lester(Spider-Man 3 deleted scene, Euphoria) is playing Destiny, Esmé Creed-Miles is Delirium, and Barry Sloane(Darron Aronofsky’s Noah 2014) is The Prodigal, and they join Tom Sturridge as Dream, Kirby as Death, Mason Alexander Park as Desire and Donna Preston as Despair. 

Silk - The project that was 5 years in the making at Prime is now DOA. Sony is said to be shopping it around to other streamers. 

Reg ‘ol News

Wytches - Scott Snyder’s comic book is becoming an animated series on Amazon Prime. Said to be eyeing a 2025 release for season 1, and Snyder just confirmed that the writer’s room is looking to reconvene in about a month to begin work on season 2. Snyder and Jock to EP. 


Big Bang Theory - television sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, both of whom served as executive producers and head writers on the series, along with Steven Molaro. It aired on CBS from September 24, 2007, to May 16, 2019, running for 12 seasons and 279 episodes.




Deadpool & Wolverine - TICKETS ON SALE!! 

Venom 3 - The Last Dance is the final Tom Hardy Venom movie. Oct 25. Official announcement from sony. 

Star Wars - James Mangold’s production partner Simon Emanuel referred to Mangold’s upcoming movie as Jedi Prime. 

Happy Gilmore Sequel - OFFICIALLY confirmed by Netflix. 


Never Let Go - Halle Berry survival horror movie. Looks CRAZY. Alexandre Aja (Hills Have Eyes, Crawl)

Ultraman Rising - Netflix June 14. Looks like a hell of a lot of fun for the family.

Longlegs - July 12. Nicolas Cage horror movie.

Reg ‘ol News

Jason Universe - New Friday the 13th joint universe announced by Horror, inc. Which apparently means a slew of new movies, TV shows, games, etc. More specific announcements coming throughout 2024. 


Color Out of Space - 2019 American science fiction Lovecraftian horror film directed and co-written by Richard Stanley, based on the short story "The Colour Out of Space" by H. P. Lovecraft. It stars Nicolas Cage, Joely Richardson, Elliot Knight, Madeleine Arthur, Brendan Meyer, Q'orianka Kilcher and Tommy Chong. This is Stanley's first feature film since his firing from The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996). According to Stanley, it is the first film in a trilogy of Lovecraft adaptations, which he hopes to continue with an adaptation of "The Dunwich Horror".

Shudder for free, Amazon Prime for money.

Rumor Mill

New Rumors

Hawkeye - season 2 coming to Disney+ with both Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld returning to the series.

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