Thursday, October 19, 2017

Week In Nerdom 10-9-2017

Last week's Week In Nerdom is live and kicking. Check out all the nerd news as of one week ago.

Inhumans... really?
The Gifted is here to stay. Let's hope they don't turn this into another Heroes, where it is GREAT for the first few seasons and then just can't live up to its own hype.
Star Trek: Discovery is our newest entry into the series. What happened to the Klingons? Also, how much of this cast will continue into future episodes, since we know that this is not the ship we will be spending our time on?
Stranger Things running ad nauseam?
Hell Fire Social Club could have been a thing on Fox.
The Tick season 1 part 2 available on HULU as of February 23.
I apparently must catch up on Gotham... at least until we see how they treat Solomon Grundy.
Locke and Key gets some casting updates.

Storm is getting her own solo series FINALLY! Marvel pulled their heads out of their bums.
 Neil Gaiman has a bug named after him?

Looks like we are getting some fantastic movies in the coming months, from the looks of the trailers for Pacific Rim: Uprising and Replicas.
Star Wars Tickets are on sale NOW! Go get yours.
Sonic the Hedgehog is getting a live action movie.
Ben Affleck says there is going to be a better sense of humor in the Justice League movie in November. One would surely hope so considering how missed the mark was with the last few entries into the DCEU roster (Wonder Woman excluded).
Also, Superman all but confirmed (for those that may have been doubting his part in Justice League... are there those that were doubting it?) to be in the new Justice League movie. Because a toy manufacturer made a toy of Cavill in the black Superman suit.
Bill and Ted 3 has a script, now it needs a studio...
Gambit still has Channing Tatum attached, but now has a Director. Still needs a script, but details details.
Batman Ninja is the newest announced addition to the DC Animated Universe. With part of the Afro Samurai team en toe, I am hoping for greatness.

Phil Anselmo is starting ANOTHER new band.
Stone Temple Pilots are not down for the count.
Opeth is looking towards the future with more "twisted" endeavors.

Raiden now available for Injustice 2. With alternate skin turning him into Black Lightning. Is this too much Mortal Kombat in our Injustice?

All that and then some...

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