Thursday, January 18, 2018

Week In Movie Nerdom 1-15


Oh boy... let's do THIS!!

The Batman movie (which currently is STILL set to star Ben Affleck) doesn't have a script at all?

The Avengers has finally finished all primary photography.

Black Widow is FINALLY getting a headlining movie. Will Scarlett Johansson be back for the movie? Or is it time to recast?

Venom might actually be sticking to the comic book story from which it has been born. As revealed by a recent set photo of Tom Hardy. Link:

Teen Titans Go! to the movies... yeah...

Silver and Black is still happening... and they are filming in Atlanta... Who is even IN this movie?

Green Lantern Corps may not have a release date anymore, but it isn't dead.

And Gambit loses ANOTHER director. Channing Tatum, though, is staying the course.

What did I forget? What should we talk about nest week?
Let me know in the comments below!


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