Saturday, January 27, 2018

Week In Nerdom Supplemental 1-22

This week's supplemental episode is all about Youtube...

Rob Paulsen has a new awesome Talkin Toons episode featuring that other voice of Raphael, Sean Astin.

The Slo Mo guys bring us how a TV works in slow motion... really it is super zoom too. Lots of cool in this video.

Leo Moracchioli over at Frog Leap Studios gave us ANOTHER epic metal cover. After you watch this check out his NEWEST video as well...

Puddles Pity Party gave us a cover as well this week. Wicked Game by Chris Isaac. He's no Corey Taylor, but he ain't no slouch either.

NerdWriter1 has brought us another fantastic video essay about Seeing With Your Ears. The man is brilliant.

And Finally we have a talk about Youtube's new monetization hoops that us small creators have to jump through...
I think this was a good move on Youtube's part. TJ Kirk thinks that this is Youtube trying to screw over the little guy, but I disagree. Yes this DOES screw over the little guy, but A) not as much as it may seem, and B) it forces the little guy to step up their game.
Youtube is a GIANT company, with an absolutely unique business model. They are even bigger now than they were 2 years ago, let alone 5 years ago when they introduced the monetization model. With that great size comes the need for a bunch of moderation. The only way to do that is to only allow certain channels (the one's who will actually make them money) to monetize their content. That way they can ensure things are being moderated properly. Why should they waste their time on a channel that might bring them 5$ in a year? It doesn't make proper business sense...

Just because you're insulted, doesn't mean you are right...


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