Wednesday, April 10, 2019

How To YouTube | Interview Mics - Fifine K6 Review

Apparently I lost the footage in which I said that I was given this microphone by Fifine. So in the spirit of full disclosure I am putting that information here. The fact that I got the mic for free did not influence my scoring though. I legitimately feel that this is a FANTASTIC option for a budget XLR microphone.

Also, for clarification, the second sound samples have the EXACT same compression on them. I used the Multiband Compressor in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Are there better mics out there? ABSOLUTELY! But at this price point? Absolutely NOT! In the sub-$20 market there is not a microphone I know of that will perform this well. This Fifine K6 mic is in a league with mics four times the price.

Fifine K6:

Audio Technica ATM 410:

|| Other Mics Referenced in This Video||

Samson Q2U XLR/USB Hybrid:

Shure SM57:

Shure SM58:

Shure SM7b:

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The quality stuff:

The cheap stuff:


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