Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Week In Nerdom 4-16 - HBO updates, Batman in Titans, Disney+ confirms RU...



In a press release HBO has confirmed that Westworld, Insecure, and Curb your enthusiasm will all be returning in 2020. Also GoT season 8 debuts to almost 18 million viewers on day 1.

American Horror Story
The next season of AHS has been titled… it will be AHS: 1984.

Disney’s investor’s day last week confirmed some of what we already knew. Loki is really happening, as is Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Scarlett Witch and Vision, Cassian Andor’s untitled series, among others. It is looking pretty slick. Also the price will be 6.99 monthly or $69 yearly. ALSO also, the SIMPSONS will find their way onto the app as well. Looks like not EVERYTHING from Fox will be headed to Hulu. AND The Mandalorian got a release date of Nov 12.

The Batman embargo is OVER! Iain Glen, aka Jorah Mormont from GoT, has been cast as the Dark Knight in the DC Universe series.

FXX has announced the season 10 debut will be May 29th at 10pm eastern.


Black Adam
The ROCK himself gave us an update from his Instagram page last week. Letting the world know that the movie officially begins filming next year, while also celebrating the success of the SHAZAM movie.

Mighty Mouse
Deadline is reporting that Paramount Pictures is working on a new Mighty Mouse movie. The movie will reportedly be a live action/animation combination. Hopefully it will look better than Sonic…

Space Jam 2
Aside from the troubles the production is apparently having, THR is reporting that there are licensing issues that are ALSO holding back production. Seems Nike isn’t being as cooperative as they were in the past. Not all bad news though, THR is also reporting that Ryan Coogler is being brought in to write the next version of the script.

Birds of Prey
Has officially wrapped on principal photography.

Avengers: Endgame
Major spoilers have leaked onto the interwebs. I won’t go over them here, but there is a link should you be so inclined. Much of the speculation has been confirmed, and fans, by and large, are doing the honorable thing and NOT reading the spoilers.

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