Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Week In Nerdom 9-17 - Iron Man in Black Widow?, Mortal Kombat, Star Wars...


The Cars
Lead Singer Ric Ocasek passed dues to cardiovascular disease.

Eddie Money
70 yrs old, heart issues brought on by cancer treatment.

System of a Down
Touring Europe, but don’t get your hopes up.

Fredric Leclercq has joined the band...


ABC “Cast From the Past”
ABC is reuniting old crew and cast from movies and TV shows from yesteryear. It is pretty interesting.

Netflix still has the biggest wallet in the streaming wars. Though we will see how long that lasts. Once Hulu’s rights expire in 2021, the show is moving to Netflix for 5 years.

King Killer Chronicles
Showtime has passed on the show! Rumor is that Apple is the new potential home as Lionsgate shops it around.

Game of Thrones
ANOTHER prequel series in the works? HBO is reportedly nearing a pilot commitment for a series that sounds like it will very likely tie pretty directly into the original series. Said to be set only 300 years before Dany and Jon have their thing, it will reportedly be based on “Fire & Blood” the companion book to the main book series.

Star Wars
Favreau wants to do another Christmas Special...


Star Wars
Apparently I missed something at FanX…

Tank Girl
Margot Robbie might not be starring, just producing. It also seems that they already have lined up Miles Joris-Peyrafitte to direct.

JJ Abrams
That JJ Abrams deal that has been in the works for months now has finally landed somewhere. Warner Media locked in Bad Robot until 2024 for $500 million.

Black Widow
This movie is bringing new contracts into the picture left and right…

Mortal Kombat
After some IG posts from Mehcad Brooks showing some BTS Jax Briggs action, Greg Russo took to Twitter to confirm that the new movie has INDEED begun filming!


Death Stranding
Some more trailers released last week give us a bit of a clue to the story, but has some info on some of the more Hideo elements of the gameplay.

Smash Bros
In probably-should-have-figured news, this will be the first and only EPIC smash bros game. IF the franchise continues.

Comic Books

Dawn of X
Marvel has given us another trailer… this is becoming a thing.

Birds of Prey
DC is releasing 3 trades that are collections of some classic stories from the new team that is about to be thrust upon unknowing normies, as a kind of lead into the movie.

Batman Beyond
#39 will see a new person dawning the suit. A woman? W Dan Jurgens A Scott Eaton.

Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child
Miller isn’t done with Bats just yet. This time he is writing about Jonathan Kent and how the events of the previous book (Master Race) are now changing the dynamics of the Kryptonian family. With Carrie Kelly being her own version of Batwoman now, this will get very interesting!

Young Justice
Tim Drake is a duck! Book #8 shows off the new name.

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