Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Week In Nerdom 9-24 - Batman Abounds! And some other things!



First look at StevieT in the band with new video: Razorblade Meltdown

Reunion that was teased for sometime this year not likely…


Crisis on Infinite Earths
Tom Welling WILL be his smallville self according to a rumor that puts Erica Durance in the mash up series as Lois Lane.
Michael Rosenbaum, though, WON’T be coming on board.

 Walker, Texas Ranger
Jared Padalecki has been tapped to star in the CBS studios show. As for where this will air, it looks like either CBS proper or CW will be the home of the show.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Finished shooting for part 3, will return to begin filming for part 4 Oct 7.

Lost in Space
Season 2 has FINALLY finished filming. But we likely won’t get any official announcements on when it will air until NYCC next month.


Christmas Carol
Another version of the Dickens classic with Will Farrel and Ryan Reynolds

Did Kumail Nanjiani just leak that Dan Stevens’ Legion will be in the movie?

Jared Leto Joker
Is this confirmation that he will be Joker again? IG post with ghost emoji.

The Batman
Commissioner Gordon is being negotiated with Jeffery Wright from Westworld.
And Jonah Hill is in talks to play an unnamed villian.

Rumor has it that with J.J. finding his new home at Warner he will be officially recasting the role of Superman. The rumor goes on to suggest that WB is going to be doing a “soft reboot” of the DCEU.

Superman: Red Son
Voice cast announced: Jason Isaacs - Superman, Diedrich Bader - Lex Luthor, Amy Acker - Lois Lane, Phil LaMarr - John Stewart, Phil Morris - James Olsen, Roger Craig Smith - Batman, Paul Williams - Brainiac. Vanessa Marshall, Sasha Roiz, William Salyers, Jim Meskimen, Travis Willingham, and Winter Ave Zoli round out the rest of the cast as Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Josef Stalin, John F. Kennedy, Superior Man, and Svetlana, respectively.


WB Montreal is teasing a new Batman game. We have been hearing rumblings for this for months now. Now they are showing us some new symbols with the words “Capture the Knight.”

Fortnite x Batman
The event is live with the chance to earn a “catwing” glider to go with the Catwoman skin in the game store. There are 3 challenges and they all go away Oct. 1st.

Comic Books

Tynion IV is replacing Tom King as of #86!! AWESOME!
Speaking of Tom King, he confirmed via Twitter that we will be seeing a return to “The Button” in issue #84

DC ALSO revealed that Nightwing will make a proper return in 2020. YAY! No more Ric Grayson!

Boss Logic
Renowned nerd artist is getting his first DC cover with a collector’s edition of Joker Year of the Villian #1.

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