Friday, February 21, 2020

Squashing Disney Rumors, Teasing Batman &MORE! | Week In Nerdom 2-21



New movie coming about how he faked his own death…

Dropkick Murphys/Rancid
Touring together. Boston to Berkley II tour through the month of May.


Moon Knight
Daniel Radcliff kills the rumors. He WON’T be playing Moon Knight. But he didn’t squash the Wolverine rumors, nor the Harry Potter rumors.

Are You Afraid of the Dark
Nickelodeon has renewed the reboot series for a second season.

Bill Nighy (among others) has joined the cast for season 3!!


Eli Roth is set to direct the movie adaptation. Writer Craig Mazin will write the script and Ari Arad is producing.

Independence Day 3
Roland Emmerich is looking into making it…

The Batman
New set photos

Planet of the Apes
Wes Ball, director, has taken to Twitter to set the record straight. It will NOT be a reboot after all. Saying that Cesar’s legacy will remain… does that mean Andy Serkis will reprise his role? Or are we going a little further down the rabbit hole?


Deadpool is the next comic book character coming to the game. But only for Battle Pass members. Battle Pass members have tasks they have to do. Why remains unclear, but likely they have something to do with how you will unlock the Merc with the Mouth’s skin.

Comic Books/Books

Wolverine #1
Hickman laid out some specifics about Wolverine’s mutant abilities in the first issue. More specifically about his blood. At least his current version.

Valiant comics is teaming with Humble Bundle to provide people with a couple ways to learn about the character before Vin Diesel plays him on the big screen. 

Rumor Mill

Red Hulk
Slated for SOMETHING in the MCU. Seems likely for Thunderbolts.

Captain Marvel 2
Rogue now rumored to be the MAIN Villain… sheesh

Cassian Andor
Also being delayed for “script reworking.”

The Batman
Timothee Chalamet to be robin? He’s 24…

Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Isaiah Bradley rumored to be making an appearance. With the casting of Carl Lumbly, this might be the case. Most sources say this is not likely, but still fun to consider since there are rumored plans to see other versions of the super soldier serum at some point in the MCU (i.e. Bradley and Captain William Burnside.

Batman Game
WB Montreal’s rumored Batman game, that we all know is in development, is likely going to be a reboot…

Sonic 2
The Rock to join the cast?

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