Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Three Jokers? Rumors anyway... | Week In Nerdom 03-03


Christina Aguilara has announced that she has recorded a new version of the song that got her (more)famous as a solo recording artist. “Reflection” is on the new Mulan soundtrack.

Mr Bungle
Keep teasing new album. Scott Ian seems to be the guitar player on the project, though it is all speculative, as they have not officially made the statement. With a slew of reunion show recently it only makes sense.

Nu Metal Revival
Saliva, PM5k, Adema, Flaw, and Andrew W Boss, are going on tour starting in July.


Mark Ruffalo in “early talks” to be in the series. According to Ruffalo himself at C2E2 this weekend.

American Horror Story
Macaulay Culkin on the cast for season 10.


Todd McFarlane told Vancouver Fan Expo that, assuming everything goes according to plan, the movie will begin filming before the year is out.

Baby Driver 2
Sony has officially greenlit the movie that Edgar Wright says he has been working on for “some time.” The movie will also see the return of Ansel Elgort, Lily James, Jon Bernthal, Michael Peter Balzary, and CJ Jones reprising their roles from the first film.


Death Stranding
PC release date June 2. Will include Photo Mode, Ultra Wide monitor support, and a Head Crab that Sam can wear.

Mario Kart Tour
Officially getting multiplayer on March 8th.

Comic Books/Books

co-written by Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Winter Soldier) and Mat Groom (Self/Made) with art by Francesco Manna, the book was announced at C2E2. #1 will be on shelves later this year.

Sword of X
Marvel announced the next big crossover event at C2E2. This one though will only involve the X-Men books. On shelves in July.

Rumor Mill

Joe Quesada move to DC?
With Kevin Feige in charge of basically ALL of Marvel, and also not being a fan of anything his predecessor (in the TV and integration sides of things) Ike Perlmutter did, the industry buzz is saying that Joe Quesada might be on his way to DC as their new head publisher. 

WB is reportedly starting to think about who to cast for the clown prince. Johnny Depp is AGAIN rumored to be in the mix. Also, Ben Barnes (Jigsaw from Punisher) is rumored to be in the pile as well.

Power Rangers
Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson are rumored to be reprising their roles as Tommy and Kimberly in the Paramount reboot of the movies.

Gotham By Gaslight
WB really wants to expand the Elseworlds parts of their cinematic universe. Now Gotham By Gaslight is rumored to be in development. Jon Bernthal being the Victorian Bruce Wayne they are looking for.

Snyder Cut
The rumor that just won’t die! Now Snyder is rumored to be considering RESHOOTS to make his version of the Justice League movie come to life. With other rumors floating around that even WB is backing the idea at this point.

Silent Hill
A recent tweet from Kojima Productions is rumored to be an unofficial announcement of a new Silent Hill game… did Death Stranding change Konami’s mind?

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