Thursday, May 28, 2020

Batman Series on HBO MAX? &MORE News | Week In Nerdom


The Weapon
Jesse Leach’s OTHER side project finally put out their debut. It is called “A Repugnant Turn of Events.” On Bandcamp for now.

Corey Taylor
Solo record is done? To be released some time 2021 or later.


Fear the Walking Dead
Season 6 will likely start airing on time, but the season is unfinished at the moment. Episode 1 is scheduled to air in August, but a return to production hasn’t been set yet.

Looking to loosen restrictions in order to get TV and Film production back up and running in the state. The guidelines they are proposing seem pretty reasonable.

Marc Guggenheim thinks NOT doing a Swamp Thing crossover episode would be a “wasted opportunity.” No plans just yet, but we seem to be in a revival stage in Hollywood right now.

What We Do in the Shadows
Renewed for season 3!

Some Good News
The John Krasinski quarantine news show just got bought by CBS/Viacom. Will no longer feature Krasinski as the host, they are casting for the new host. New eps MIGHT not end up on YT…


Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead
Reboot coming from Treehouse Pictures


Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Comic Books/Books

Batman Giant #5
Tells the origin of the Joker? Well… kinda…

Rumor Mill

Secret Warriors
New Disney+ series rumored for 2022, formerly called S.W.O.R.D. Introduces the terregen mist during the snap, will focus on Super Giant and Than (Thanos’s sons). Turns Talos into a Super Skrull by the end of season 1. Possibly headed to ABC?

HBO Max series in the works for Bat-ffleck??
Bringing Zack Snyder on as EP, Joe Manganello back as Deathstroke, and Affleck not only as the star, but also the Showrunner???

Madame Web
MORE rumors saying this will be sony’s first female lead comic book movie, leading into the Jackpot movie.

Secret Wars
Magneto VS DOOM!! Magneto to be introduced as a “Big Bad.” But then in the Secret Wars movie he will lead the charge against DOOM. Will then lead into phase 7 with an Avengers VS X-Men climax.

Ayer Cut
More rumors and teases that this could happen. It seems that if the Snyder Cut is a success, then David Ayer might get his wish. Especially considering that he says all he needs to do to his version is some SFX work and no reshoots.

Snyder Cut
New rumors put Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern suit for a cameo in the movie.
There is also word saying that there will be NO RESHOOTS for this movie. So, no Green Lantern?

Into the Spider-verse
Live action spin-off movie? Will bring back Sam Raimi AND Toby Maguire for their final send offs.

Joss Whedon
NOT directing F4? Instead turning back to TV and doing 2 Marvel properties on Disney+. 

Set in CANADA?

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