Saturday, May 30, 2020

How is There THIS Much Star Wars? | Week In Nerdom



Slipknot might have cancelled all live shows in front of live audiences for the year, but that wont stop them from performing. They have launched for news and streamed live performances around the bands that were supposed to be on the festival bill. The live streamed performances are through YT technically, so ideally, if you miss them, they will be viewable later.

Finally rescheduled North American leg of the tour for 2021. No new dates confirmed just yet.

Not only working on a new record, but ALSO gained a spot on the Bill & Ted movie soundtrack.


American Horror Story
Delayed till 2021… unless Hollywood opens up SOON, because it is going to take place on the beach to some extent.

American Horror Stories
FX has officially ordered the show to series.

Fraggle Rock
As it should be, Apple TV+ has ordered a FULL series with the Fraggles this time.

Now getting a series. Couldn’t find on what outlet.

Golden Globes
New addition to the Limited Series/TV Movie category “Anthology”
Changing the rules for a lead actor in a series. Now, voice only performances are not allowed, but they seem to not have a time requirement that we see the actor’s face, because of the Mandalorian.

Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge
The Star Wars Kids channel on YouTube is getting a Legends of the Hidden temple style quiz show June 3. Hosted by the voice of Jar Jar, Ahmed Best.

Always Sunny
Renewed for season 15! Now the longest running live-action comedy show in the history


July is the magic month for reopening theaters.

Sonic 2
Sega and Paramount are officially working on a sequel.

Cate Blanchett has been cast in a starring role for the movie, as Lillith.

Producer Jon Landau claims that production in New Zealand will get back underway this week.


Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Data miners have found more hints at sektor with the Aftermath DLC.

Comic Books/Books

Rumor Mill

Cavill Superman
Even Deadline is getting in on the rumors for this one. Now they are saying that the deal is for features in other movies. So no MoS2 just yet, but it ain’t outta the picture! Other rumors about the Snyder Cut of JL suggest that AT&T asked Snyder to put teases for MoS 2 and a JL 2 in his cut.

Affleck Batman
More rumors about the HBO Max series reaffirm Affleck as the EP and Showrunner for the show.

Boba Fett
Female? AND getting a spinoff animated series? Apparently Sabine Wren will acquire Fett;s armor after he finally dies in the desert after crawling out of the Sarlac Pit.

Timothy Olyphant playing Cobb Vanth, and will ALSO wear the Boba Fett armor?

Solo 2
Sequel Disney+ series is reportedly in the works.

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