Saturday, February 20, 2021

Mandalorian; The Most Troubled Show EVER?? | Week In Nerdom




Corey Taylor did an interview with Kerrang! Saying that the band currently has tentative plans for a tour starting in September. He ALSO teased something “massive” that the band will be announcing in the next month or so.


FINALLY announced new album, Fortitude, with the first single being “Born For One Thing.” Set to release April 30th from Roadrunner Records. The single they released last year, “Another World,” will be on the record as well. 



KungFu - The reboot series just landed MK actor Ludi Lin. Lin will play Kerwin 

Creepshow - Renewed for a third season on Shudder

Stargirl - John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick has just been confirmed for the show in a flashback. 



Cruella Trailer - So thats a thing…

Snyder Cut - Granny Goodness confirmed 


Blackmagic BMPCC 6K Pro

Launching later this year, the camera will be $2500 and seems to have a small amount of upgrades, but good ones. Usb C for charging, Better in body ND filters, full sized HDMI, dual mini-XLRs AS WELL AS mic in and audio out.

Nintendo Direct

Pyre from Xenoblade Chronicles in smash

Fall guys this summer

Legend of Mana on June 4

Star Wars Hunters

Ninja Gaiden trilogy (Sigma 1, Sigma 2, 3: Razer’s Edge)

Splatoon 3 

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity expansion

RetroN Sq

The RetroN Jr has been rebranded and is now up for pre-order  

Comic Books/Books

DC Throwback

Batman ‘89 and Superman ‘78 are both making returns in the comics. Both books will be digital first on July 27th, with print versions hitting shelves a couple weeks later. Also each book will be 6 chapters (6 digital and 3 physical). 


Todd MacFarlane wants to create an expansive universe. Plans on having 4 ongoing books set in the Spawn-verse by year’s end. Spawn's Universe will launch in June, with King Spawn following in August. Rounding out the titles are a Gunslinger Spawn book launching in October and a team book called The Scorched. 


New biography set to release July 27th. “Rainbow in the Dark: The Autobiography” was actually started as such. With the premature death of Dio in 2010, the book was finished with longtime music writer Mick Wall. 

Rumor Mill


Star Trek 4 - Shatner says no. 


MIGHT BE CANCELLED? Well not really, but Pedro might be on the outs. With the news of his new gig on HBO Max’s Last of Us it seems that his heart isn’t with the mouse anymore.


Gina Carano is rumored to not be interested if Lucasfilm were to offer her a job again.


Further evidence that JJ’s DC Universe is probably different than the mainline universe, as he is said to be looking for a BIPOC for the Constantine role in JLD. With other iterations of the character said to be looking for a blonde british gentleman like in the books.


Robert Pattinson got Zoe Kravitz pregnant??? Eh…


Thomas and Martha VILLAINS? Well at least shady Gotham types.

Secret Six

Rumor has it that the series is back on the table for WB and HBO Max. Which version? Who knows…


Now Karl Urban is being rumored for the role.

Blade Runner

New live-action series in the works? Alcon Entertainment has no streaming ties, so it COULD go to the highest bidder, though they do have a previously existing relationship with HBO and WB.

Twisted Metal

Will Arnett is said to be lending his voice to Sweet Tooth for the animated series.

Silent Hill

ANOTHER rumor saying Konami will announce a new game/series in the next month or 2. This time they will reveal they have farmed the development out.

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