Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Censorship is Strong with This One | Week In Nerdom



Daft Punk

After 28 years the greatest electronic music outfit in the world has called it quits.


Twitch pulls the audio and plays some ambient techno instead. Seems Blizzard only cleared the rights to the music for the channels they owned and not for twitch.


Re-issuing Coloring Book from 2011 with full live performance from The Forum. Also the first time the record has been available streaming. 

Born of Osiris

Planning on releasing 2 albums once touring resumes.



Lots-o-leaks. The 360 version of Golden Eye leaked 2 weeks(ish) ago. Now Dinosaur Planet, which eventually turned into Star Fox Adventures on the Gamecube, is now available in the wild as well. 

Diablo II

HD remastered version (resurrected) of the game announced at BlizzCon. Coming to all platforms, but no date yet.



Picard - Season 2 in production 

Falcon and the Winter Soldier - New Trailer 

Simpsons - Following Hank Azaria giving up voice duties for Carl Carlson to Alex Desert, now we are getting the announcement that Harry Shearer will be handing Dr. Hibbert vocal duties to Kevin Michael Richardson. 


Muppet Show is now streaming on Disney+... mostly. Not only are the episodes stamped with a warning label for being “negative” but there are some episodes missing ENTIRELY. Seems the music rights are difficult to re-acquire, amongst other things. 



Flashpoint - Sasha Calle from Young and the Restless cast as Supergirl. 

Train to Busan - Timo Tjahjanto has been attached to direct the American version of the movie. 

Running Man

Edgar Wright is working on a NEW adaptation of the Stephen King book. Will not be a remake of the Schwarzeneggar movie from the 80s. Wright will direct AND co-write with Michael Bacall 

NY Theaters

March 5 seems to be the big day. 25% to start. Raya and the Last Dragon, Chaos Walking, Coming 2 America. 

Rumor Mill


Snyder Cut - Ryan Reynolds has come out and said “NO” to the rumor that he will reprise his role of Hal Jordan. Though he does leave the door open for the possibility of a DIFFERENT Green Lantern. 

Fantastic Four

Jennifer Lawrence rumored for Sue Storm…


Zack Snyder and Jared Leto are rumored to be working on a Joker-centric movie. When pressed the “source” said that it could be a series or even a comic book.


New movie in the works? Rumor says that Chloe Grace-Moretz and Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be returning, and the movie will be titled “Kick-Ass VS Hit Girl.”


Along the same lines of the outsourced rumor for Silent Hill, now we have word that Konami will be doing the same for Metal Gear AND Castlevania.


Calle rumored to be Supergirl from a different universe.

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