Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Regular Series

     So about two weeks ago I had an idea. All the "advice" channels on YouTube and everywhere else on the internet say that you need to post regularly and AT LEAST once a week. So what can a nerd like me do to ensure that there is something to post once a week? A "Week In..." series that's what. My only second thought was, "But everyone does a damn weekly nerd video of some sort. Hell, that's why The Nerdist even exists."

     Never fear dear reader! Generally Nerdy does, legitimately, have a unique take (however slight) on the idea. It is going to take a while to take full form as the idea is still evolving and growing, and my voice is finding ground. I can feel the direction and am letting it head there in its own time.

     Until then stick with me, and join the conversation! We will watch it evolve together.

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