Friday, February 24, 2017

Nerdy Sexuality

     This is an interview I did last year at Denver Comic Con.
     I just thought it was a good way to bring up Sexuality in Nerd Culture... which is really just an expansion on the CosPlay discussion.

     Let's get this out of the way right off the bat. There is NOTHING wrong with women feeling comfortable in their own skin. Nor is there anything with women feeling sexy. Those are positive things and should never be trivialized.

     Also, Nerd Culture is NO DIFFERENT than any other part of our society. There are good elements/people as well as bad elements/people. You can never be rid of the negative side of anything, it is all in how you deal with it.

     Here is the dilemma: How do you tell if someone is being overtly sexual because that is just in their nature versus someone who is that way solely because it garners attention from people?

     Here I am not meaning to imply that I think Miss Roth, whom I interview in the video posted above, is doing anything for the sake of others. Matter of fact, after the interview, I walked away convinced of exactly the opposite.

     I feel like that is the key point though. "For the sake of others." Can you honestly say that the person in question would be doing the things they are doing if it wasn't for all the eyes on them? Would an author write oozing sex scenes simply for the challenge of turning themselves on? Would a "CosPlay Girl" dress as scantily clad if there weren't going to be gaggles of eyes on them all day? That is the deciding factor in my eyes. J.P. would, at least as far as I can see, dress as she does and write like she does even if it never went beyond her bedroom. THAT is all the validation people like her need. "I did a thing that I am proud of," is the only thought that matters.

     Then the question becomes, "Is there TOO MUCH sexuality in Nerd Culture?" Just like any other section of our society, an argument can be made for both sides. There are those who will always see the sexual side of what we do as humans and be disgusted. There are those who see the sexualization as simply an evolution of the same things, only ever now and then they get more press coverage than others. And still others that recognize our sexual side and do what they can to simply see passed it.

     I fall somewhere in with the latter two groups. We as beings have always been about our carnal desires and furthering our genetic code. Nothing about that will ever change. That is how we have been able to survive this long. One must take that into consideration, and then see passed the parts unfamiliar or possibly disagreeable and see the beauty in what we have become, and the endless possibilities for where we can go.

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