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Week In Nerdom 3-19 - More Slipknot, Diablo on TV?, Wonder Woman NOT a s...


With the lawsuit we talked about last episode, the band has now officially kicked Fehn out.

Official album release date is June 28.

Dick Dale
The surf rock legend passed away at the age of 81


Spiel Times is reporting that Blizzard has filed for a new trademark that seems to imply they are headed into the serialized entertainment realm with a series for their Diablo franchise headed over to Netflix. The potential series is set to be written and Show-run by Andrew Cosby, who penned the new Hellboy movie. And this may have actually been leaked last september by Cosby on Twitter in a tweet that has long since been deleted from his page.

American Gods
Shortly after the season premiere of the second season, Starz announces that the series will be renewed for a third season. The third season will be helmed by Charles Eglee, formerly of the Shield and Dexter.

Stranger Things
Gaten Matarazzo revealed during a panel at last weekend’s Emerald City Comic Con when a fan asked what the monster will be for season 3, that there will be 2 main antagonists. Being as this comes from a question about monsters, does that imply 2 different monsters? Because the first 2 seasons had more than 2 antagonists each, when you count the ancillary characters.


The Flash
Ezra Miller is now writing the script.. Not just that, but he is ALSO teaming up with Grant Morrison to do it. This is the actor’s seeming last chance to stay on as star of the film according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3
James Gunn has been brought BACK ON to direct the film, that was already using the script he wrote last year. No explanation was given from the studio as to why the about face, but Gunn has broken his months long Twitter silence to voice his excitement to be back on the project.

Wonder Woman 1984
In a very strange turn of events, producer Charles Roven has recently said that Director of the movie, Patty Jenkins, isn’t making a direct sequel. Which is why there is a Steve Trevor in the new movie, they are saying that there will be little that ties this movie to the previous one. Jenkins is trying to liken it to the likes of Indiana Jones and James Bond films, in that each installment is a stand alone story.
Though what seems to have been missed by the filmmaker is that the very specific example of Felix Leiter only works the way it does, because of a continuity reboot. Otherwise the Bond and indiana Jones films are much more linked than apparently she thinks they are.

Black Widow
The role that Emma Watson was once the front runner for has now gone to Florence Pugh (Fighting With My Family).


Nintendo is adding a VR attachment to their LABO line of DIY cardboard attachments. To be launched on April 12th

Season 1 and Octane Launch tomorrow!

MK 11
With the completion of the Stress Test Beta, Ed Boon took to twitter to officially announce the start of the next beta test for those that pre-ordered the game. That date is March 28th. Boon also assured the stress test players that there will in fact be more than just Scorpion, Skarlett, and Baraka as playable characters in the pre-order beta.

Comic Books

Superman: Year One
Frank Miller is coming back to DC to write a coming of age story for the once and future man of steel. Miller will be teaming with John Ramita Jr. for the story, which will have a wonky release schedule. Issue #1 will be out in June, then #2 in August, and #3 in October.

Nightwing #58
The Joker’s Daughter returns! Just as the whole “Ric” Grayson thing is ending… from one broken psyche to another, this could prove to be a very interesting story.

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