Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Week In Nerdom 3-5 - Expanded MCU in our future, Ghostbusters 3 casting,...


The Prodigy
Keith Flint, one of the vocalists from the band, apparently has committed suicide at the age of 49. With a US tour on the near horizon, there is no word if his death will effect their travel plans.

North American tour announced. Next record release date Aug 9th. And potentially new mask unveiling later this week!

Luke Perry
The once teen heart-throb and current Riverdale actor has died at the age of 52.
Perry suffered a stroke last Wednesday and was in the hospital since. Perry recently finished filming his role in Tarantino’s upcoming Charles Mansion movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He was also the only original cast member from the 90210 show that HADN’T signed on for the reboot series coming to Fox.

Ghostbusters 3
Because Finn Wolfhard is a time transplant from the late 80s, he is now in talks to be one of the new leads of GB3, along with Carrie Coon (Fargo, The Leftovers).

Edge of Tomorrow 2
WB is reportedly working on a sequel to the Tom Cruise Emily Blunt sci-fi take on Groundhog’s day. The plan is to apparently bring back the two leads as well as the original director Doug Liman.

Metal Gear Solid is reporting that Oscar Isaac is throwing his hat in to play Solid Snake in the long in development Jordan Vogt-Roberts movie. Responding to Isaac’s comment, Vogt-Roberts took to twitter to say that they are a long way away from the casting portion of production, but he is a fan of the idea.

Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters
Discussing Film has some (unverified, and therefore rumor) information on the current standings of their Spider-Man-less movies.
There is word that Sony will re-up their contract with Disney Marvel when it ends, but that apparently doesn’t mean we WON’T see Spider-Man in any of these movies. The Kraven the Hunter movie being based heavily on “Kraven’s Last Stand” some sort of Spider-Man appearance is needed. So the rumor is that Sony will introduce their own version of the superhero. Currently the deepest in development movies are Morbius and Venom 2. The rest are still in development hell to one degree or another.
As for the animated Spider-verse, the sequel and the all female spin-off movies are where they are focusing their energies.

With Wesley Snipes teasing being part of 2 projects in discussions at Marvel, We Got This Covered is reporting on a rumored new “R” rated Blade movie. Apparently this movie will see Blade training his daughter to be his replacement.

Fox Marvel Merger
According to We Got This Covered, Kevin Feige’s plan for the X-Men universe once the merger has finalized (which it seems one of the final foreign approvals went through last week) is to recast all the X-Men roles save for Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

Literally the morning after I posted the video on the leaked base roster, ANOTHER leak hit the internet claiming that Shang Tsung, Mileena, and Shinnok will all be unlockable characters through story mode.

Comic Books
Wolverine the lost trail
The next podcast from Marvel is set to begin releasing later this month on stitcher premium and then for free a few months later. As we have discussed before, Richard Armitage will be returning as the voice of Wolverine, and the story will include Gambit as it takes place in Loisianna.

Detective Comics #1000
As we get closer we learn more and more about the monumental issue. This is just a minor update on the Arkham Knight. According to We Got This Covered, this villain will NOT be Jason Todd. #1000 will be on shelves the 27th of this month

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