Friday, July 12, 2019

Week In Nerdom 7-12 - All the Nerd Headlines fit for discussion...



Puddle of Mudd
New album “Welcome to Galvania”
New Single “Uh Oh”

New Song: “Heart in Hand”
New Album: “In Cauda Venenum” out Sept 27
The new album will be released in 2 versions. One with the lyrics in Swedish the other English.


Walking Dead Spinoff
AMC is actively casting for their next spinoff. 2 young female protagonists.

Falcon/Winter Soldier
Disney+ has brought in John Wick screenwriter Derek Kolstad to join the writer’s room.

It seems that there is a new “adult” oriented animated series in the works. It is due to a partnership between WB and Brownstone Productions, Elizabeth Banks’ production complany.

Walking Dead
Angela Kang told EW that Maggie’s return might just be in the works. Lauren Cohen might return now that Whiskey Cavalier has been cancelled.


Variety says that Millie Bobby Brown is joining the cast of The Eternals.
But Millie said on her IG that it simply isn’t true.

Power Rangers
According to Dacre Montgomery, Hasbro has scrapped the 2017 cast in favor of rebooting the franchise… again…

Space Jam 2
Don Cheadle has been cast in the movie. WB is keeping pretty close to the chest what role he will be playing, but he is the first non NBA player cast.

Sherlock Holmes
Variety is reporting that Guy Ritchie will not be directing the third movie starring RDJ. Instead Dexter Fletcher (Rocketman)has been brought in for the duty.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Tim Millar, who is producing the movie, said that he has seen the character redesign and he feels that the fans will be pleased.


Nintendo Switch Lite
Finally a real thing!
Will not connect to the TV.
Still compatable with Joy Cons
$100 cheaper.

Comic Books

DC’s Black Label is giving us 2 MORE new series. One is another Joker book, the other is a book that will give us some insight into the Question. Both books will be written by Jeff Lemire and art by Andrea Sorrentino, Denys Cowan, and Bill Sienkiewicz.

The Mask
Ol’ Big Head is making his return in a politically tinged book from Dark Horse. Oct 16 will see the release of I Pledge Allegiance to the Mask.

Wolverine/Captain America: Weapon Plus #1
The Weapon plus program just got it’s own one off book.
Just read it.

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