Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Week In Nerdom 7-9 - So Much New Music, Manson in The Stand, MK Movie Ne...



Newest Cover video is “Precious and Grace” originally by ZZ Top.

Sum 41
New song… and new sound?

A Song of Vanilla Ice and Fire
Just watch it! Came out in May.

Limp Bizkit


Someone claiming to be an insider is claiming, on the official Facebook group, that Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern, will show up in the new series.

American Horror Story 1984
Sarah Paulson will not be a “significant” part of the next season. A first for the series.

The Stand
Marilyn Manson told revolver that he will be in the CBS All Access show.

Warner has titled their streaming service. No price info yet, and no word on how this will effect the existing 2 HBO streaming apps. Though Warner is saying they will roll out with over 10,000 hours of content when they go live in 2020.

Game of Thrones
George R. R. Martin has revealed some of what we can expect in the prequel series (Blood Moon?). He said in a recent interview that there will be Starks, White Walkers, Mammoths, Dire Wolves, but NO DRAGONS.
He also has said we will be seeing the 12(?) kingdoms of Westeros.

Netflix has announced they are developing a Cuphead show for release in 2020. The Cuphead Show!


Mortal Kombat
Leaked casting information seems to imply that they are still working with a version of the script that is centered around new character Cole Turner. Plus a slew of other questionable bits. At least as of February… so not exactly an up to date leak.
Greg Russo said on Twitter, when asked about the leak, “inaccurate” (no official source)
ALSO, Joe Taslim has been cast officially for a role in the movie as Sub-Zero. Taslim is probably best known for his role in the Raid: Redemption movie.

Jesus Rolls
John Turturro is making a sequel to The Big Lebowski! Nuff Said! Set for 2021!

Remember that Saw reboot from Chris Rock? Samuel L. Jackson just signed on to play Rock’s character’s father.


Rumor over at Bloody Disgusting is that Director David Gordon Green is going to be filming 2 sequels to last year’s successful reboot of the franchise.


Mortal Kombat 11
First look at Sindel

Apex Season 2
Officially begun, will you be going for the free route or the pay route?

Comic Books

Absolute Carnage
Trailer leading up to the new series.

Hellblazer himself is making a move to the Sandman Universe… again. DC announced a one off book leading into an ongoing series. With the shake-up at DC it seems that the Sandman Universe is immune.

Fifth Turtle just added, Jannika, will wear a yellow mask.

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