Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Week In Nerdom 8-6 - Crisis on Infinite Earths, Shazam 2, EVO updates,



ANOTHER new song/video!!
“Birth of the Cruel”

Katy Perry Decision
Lame… check this video for a more eloquent explanation as to why:

Times of Grace
The KsE side project that came about before Jesse Leach rejoined the band, is hopeful to release another album this year. Hymns of a Broken man was in 2011, and work on this album began in 2017.


Crisis on Infinite Earths
Kevin Conroy will ALSO be in the 5 hour epic crossover event as an older version of Batman. It was confirmed during a panel at the Television Critic Association’s summer event.
ALSO, it seems that Marv Wolfman will be joining the writer’s room for the event, according to Comic

Tom Hiddleson told EW that production officially begins “at the top of the year”.

Nickelodeon is reviving the property. Viacom is purchasing the company that owns Garfield so that Nick can do a series.

Event Horizon
Amazon is really going hard with their original programming. They are now in development on an adaptation of the ‘97 movie.

Little Mermaid live?
ABC is going to be doing a live action LIVE broadcast of the Disney classic. Moana actress Auli’i Cravalho will be Auriel, Shaggy will be Sebastian, and Queen Latifah will be Ursula…

Amazon is reportedly shooting for a 20 episode first season to the Tolkien based series, according to Creative Consultant, and Tolkien scholar, Tom Shippey.

Crisis on Infinite Earths
Mark Hamill to be a live action Joker?


Venom 2
Andy Serkis is officially directing the film. He has also directed Mowgli.

MCU Tony Stark
Dominic Cooper told that he would be willing to play Iron Man, when the recasting happens.

Shazam 2
David F. Sandberg, director of the first movie, teases that Mister Mind is not a foregone conclusion.

Batman: Hush


EVO 2019 MK11
Congratulations to SonicFox!

Apex Legends
Respawn is introducing Solo mode 8/13

Bully 2
Rumors have it that Rockstar’s next big release is coming for current and next gen systems in the late fall of 2020.

Tekken 7
Season 3 revealed during Evo, featuring returning fighter Zafina and new fighter Leroy Smith. There was also a tease that may be implying Solid Snake in the game as well… until Evo came out and said that the snake clip was a joke they did, and not from capcom at all.

Comic Books

Snow White
Neal Gaiman wrote a Snow White book called Snow, Glass, Apples. Art by Colleen Doran… just go buy it already

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