Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Flashpoint Movie AND Fantastic Beasts Rumors... & MORE! | Week In Nerdom



Ghostwriter - Apple TV+ renewed the reboot series for a second season. Oct 9 is the release date  https://www.spoilertv.com/2020/09/ghostwriter-renewed-for-2nd-season-by.html 
Emmys - WOW! MY BAD! I said they had happened, but that was wrong. NOW they have happened. https://www.emmys.com/awards/nominees-winners/2020 


4k Remaster is coming to IMAX theaters SEPT 24!! https://cosmicbook.news/akira-imax 


TikTok - Not cancelled after all. Oracle has 12.5% and Wal-Mart gets 7.5%. Bytedance keeps their 80% and all is right in the world?
3DS - Online services are not going away. Nintendo has no current plans to end the e-shop.

Microsoft has bought Bethesda, and all new release games are coming to Game Pass on RELEASE DAY!

Ed Boon teasing gets SERIOUS. New clues seem to imply Rain for sure. 1984 clue.

Rumor Mill

Now there are rumors that Grant Gustin will be returning the favor and showing up in the Flashpoint movie. ALSO, new rumor says that Nicolas Cage will make a cameo appearance in the movie as Superman…

Tom Hardy reportedly cast to be Daniel Craig’s replacement. Was supposed to be announced in Nov, but then Corona. Now more likely to be announced early next year.

Prequel movie, or Disney+ series, in the early stages of development.

Star Trek
Movie #4 cancelled, because Paramount is no longer in the business of making Star Trek movies?

Blair Witch
Series in the works?

Fantastic Beasts
2 spin-offs in the works? Dumbledore series with Jude Law AND a Grindelwald series with Depp.

Animated series based on the season 11 comic in the works. To be dependent on the return of key cast members.

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