Sunday, September 13, 2020

G.I. Joe Rollout! Flashpoint Rumor &MORE! | Week In Nerdom



Hatebreed - Release date for new album.Weight of the False Self Nov 27.
Job For a Cowboy - Actually working on a new record.

Fear Factory
Looking to put out a new record in 2021. They started a GoFundMe to bring the funds together to produce the record.

Reinventing the Steel is getting a re-release with a new cover and a new mix from Terry Date.


Raised by Wolves - the first episode is streaming on YouTube.
Obi-Wan - Ewan McGregor told ET that the series would likely only be one season. 
The Boys - Butcher 5 minute short posted, AND Amazon reveals that it will only be a single episode every friday. 
Reno 911 - Renewed for another Quibi season.

Ed Neumeir (writer on the original and the 2014 remake) said he is working with MGM on a prequel series. Read: WITHOUT Robocop.

BBC is making a CG animated series for the ultimate Dr. Who villain. 


Army of the Dead - Zack Snyder’s Netflix movie is now getting an animated prequel series AND movie. The series will be called Army of the Dead: Las Vegas, and it will follow Bautista’s character. ALSO, Snyder will be directing 2 of the episodes. 
Scream 5 - Neve Campbell has signed on to be in the new movie. 


Prince of Persia - The Sands of time IS getting remade! Jan 21 release date. 

Comic Books/Books


Batman #100
The book (Oct.6) will introduce Tynion’s most recent addition to the Bat-mythos, Ghost-Maker. The new villain will apparently be linked to the early days of Bruce’s journey to becoming the Bat.

Speaking of new nemesis. Wolverine will be getting a new archnemesis according to Marvel, in Wolverine #6. The name is all we know is the name… Solem.

Rumor Mill

More Movie Delays
There is a potential that Tenet (and corona) will be disrupting things again later this year. There is word that WB might move back the release of WW84 once Tenet gets fully released into theaters that are closed now, but will be newly open in October. Which would effect Bond, which would effect Dune…
Spider-Man 3 and Venom are also part of this, though this is more news than rumor because it comes from Chairman Tony Vinciquerra from Sony.

Now there is word that Gal Gadot might be coming to the movie too. Which KIND OF goes against previous rumors.

G.I. Joe x Transformers
Paramount is reported to be going forward with the once rumored to be dead movie.

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