Wednesday, September 16, 2020

WB Kills DC Universe, Ant-Man 3 Villain TRUTH, and MORE! | Week In Nerdom



Rammstein - Have entered the studio for their follow up to last year’s self titled album.
Cradle of Filth - Finished recording their newest record. No release date yet.


Doom Patrol - Officially renewed for a third season on HBO Max. 

Second season to feature Bruce Wayne? Well kinda, Bruce the Fetus.

Producer and writer for the movie and subsequent series Joseph Mallozzi has confirmed that there is a new series in the works with series producer Brad Wright.



Thor: Love and Thunder
/Film has info from ILM about the LED volumes being built/used on set. They will be larger and higher definition than those built originally for Mandalorian S1.

Ant-Man 3
VILLAIN HAS BEEN CAST! Who that villain is, is still up for MAJOR speculation. But Jonathan Majors has been cast for an undisclosed villain role (which we will get into in the Rumor Mill).


TikTok - Now it looks like Oracle might be the lucky winner in the race to buy TikTok. But will it be too little too late?
Borderlands 3 - The most recent game to get the announcement of the free upgrade when you update your console.
Metroid Prime 4 - Retro Studios brought in a new Director of Development for the game.

Sony A7C
The newest full frame camera from the undisputed mirrorless champ. Turns out the Sony Alpha Rumors guys got this one right, it is a Full Frame in an a6000 style body.

Launch Night In on Sept 30th will reportedly show the unveiling of a new Chromecast, Multiple Pixel phones, and a new smart speaker. 

Announced their TikTok clone, YT Shorts. To roll out in India first over the next few days. Then worldwide in the weeks to come.

Comic Books/Books

DC Cancellations - Batman Beyond is the most recent victim. To be Cancelled after issue #50.
Batman/Catwoman - #1 on shelves Dec 1

Heroes in Crisis
Flash issue #761 just changed the impact of HiC… Somehow Eobard Thawne was to blame for it all?

Rumor Mill

Ant-Man 3
That villain role for Jonathan Majors? KANG THE CONQUEROR! 

Joker 2
Inevitably the rumors are headed toward a fever pitch. The biggest one so far is that Joaquin has recently been offered $50 million for a sequel. Still MORE rumors say he is not only going to take it, but that Phoenix and director Todd Phillips are now working on a TRILOGY, with the next 2 movies being released in the next 4 years.

Batman Series
The CW is apparently pushing WB to allow a Batman series on the network.

Mace Windu
Samuel L Jackson might be coming back for a prequel movie.

Emma Frost
Lady Gaga to play the role in the MCU?

Star Trek
Looking to cast Will Smith in a movie role?

Xbox Live
More free rumors...

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