Sunday, October 18, 2020

Movies Migrate to TV | Week In Nerdom



Atreyu - Brandon Saller is now focusing totally on vocals, and his band mate from Hell or High Water, Kyle Rosa, is drumming. Saller and bass player Marc McKnight are planning on helming the vocal duties in the band going forward. New track “Save Us,” out now. New record in the works.


The Boys - Kripke has confirmed that not only will Soldier Boy’s team make an appearance in season 3, BUT we will delve even more into the history of supes. 
She Hulk - Tatiana Maslany NOT actually playing the lead. It seems Deadline got it wrong.

Day of the Dead
Syfy is doing a 10 ep miniseries based on the George A Romero classic. Is this really a thing we need?

Clive Barker
The horror author has a few irons in the TV fire… Ectokid, Nightbreed, and plenty of others (books of blood) just to name a few.

New limited series coming to Showtime. Presumably to show us how it REALLY ends.

I know What You Did Last Summer
Amazon turning the slasher into a series? To be, at least in part, based on the 1973 book by Lois Duncan too.


Monster Hunter - New trailer… looks like Paul WS Anderson still only has one good movie to his name. 
Peninsula - The Busan sequel will be in the States on October 27 On Shudder 
Twilight of the Mallrats - Kevin Smith has confirmed that the sequel will be an almost perfect reunion. 

Jiu Jitsu
New Nicolas Cage movie getting some comparisons to Mortal Kombat…



Google Hangouts
Officially not a thing as of early 2021. Google will be migrating everyone’s history on the app over to Google Chat.


Starting with the iPhone 12, will no longer be shipping phones with headphones or chargers.

Rogue Company
Dr. Disrespect got some serious love from developers, First Watch Games, with a skin of his very own.

Comic Books/Books


Future State
DC announces 5G 2.0… Yikes.

The Mistress of the Dark has created her own comic alongside her longtime writer David Avallone, Dave Acosta on the art, colors from Walter Pereyra, and lettering by Taylor Esposito.

Rorschach #1
Did Tom King just simultaneously confirm the Watchmen series as canon AND minimize it’s debasing of the Rorschach character? I think he did… 

Rumor Mill

Cara Dune
New rumors of a Mandalorian Spin-off.

Vin Diesel’s third installment of the actually cool space opera is reportedly looking to bring back Karl Urban.

WB rumored to be back in the market for a movie about the first couple of the Batman’s Rogues Gallery.

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