Sunday, October 11, 2020

Week In Nerdom



Killer Be Killed - New single “Dream Gone Bad”
Meshuggah - New album planned for late 2021 release.


Haunting of Bly Manor - Just a reminder that today is the day.
Peripheral - Chloe Grace Moretz has been cast as Flynne Fisher in the William Gibson adaptation. 
Addams Family - a sequel to last year’s animated movie is getting a sequel

The Show
Alan Moore is going to be in one of his serial video projects. The series is based on ANOTHER series of short films that Moore did for Shudder. 

Star Trek: Prodigy
The next series is going to be Prodigy, and Kate Mulgrew will be reprising her role as Captain Janeway.


Spider-Man 3 - Dr Strange will be in the movie, and will apparently be taking over the “Father Figure” role in Peter’s life. 

Set to be released on Disney+ for Christmas. Without the $30 fee of Mulan.



I have to eat crow… AND free upgrade to next gen.

Rumor Mill

Mk11 - Mileena, Rambo, and Rain… oh boy...

The Batman
The movie getting axed? Rumor is that at the very least Matt Reeves will not be pursuing any sequels because of on set issues with Pattinson. At worst? The movie won’t be finished…

The production is reportedly looking for an actor around 10 years old to play a YOUNG BRUCE BANNER?!? Jennifer Walters will be older than Bruce?

Wonder Woman
1984 headed to VOD for Christmas

More datamines have revealed Test Your Might/Sight/Luck game modes. Living Forest in the krypt? Secret Reptile fight? Possible Smoke appearance. Plus seemingly a movie skins pack for Sonya, Johnny Cage, and Raider.

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