Sunday, October 25, 2020

Week In Nerdom




Cradle of Filth - Oct 30th live stream concert moved to Feb 20, 2021. Because covvie. The venue will also change.

Hatebreed - New single from Weight of the False Self, “Instinctive (Slaughterlust)” 

TSO - Live stream instead. To take place Friday Dec 18. Will be a new stage production of their “Christmas Eve and Other Stories” album.

Sevendust - New single/video “Dying to Live” 

Chris Adler - New band Firstborne has released their first single/video “Cut the Strings” 

Fear Factory - Re-releasing “The Industrialist” to streaming services with real drums.

Motionless in White

New stand-alone single called “Creatures X: To the Grave” 

Miley Cyrus

Working on a Metallica covers album?



Dexter - Clarifying the announcement, showrunner Clyde Phillips told THR that this will be an effective season 9. This won’t be undoing anything that happened in the original 8 seasons. 

Venture Brothers - Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick have been in talks with Adult Swim to at least do a post-cancellaton special, as a means to bring proper closure to the Venture clan. 

Day of the Dead - Has a director for the first 4 eps, Steven Kostanski

Walking Dead - Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple says they are considering something animated.

Addams Family

Tim Burton is set to be the executive producer on a new live-action adaptation of the comic strip. Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (Smallville) will be lead writers, and showrunners. The story will reportedly be told through the POV of Wednesday during modern times. 



Ghostbusters: Afterlife - Release date moved to June 11, 2021. 

Wicked - The musical adaptation has lost its director. 

Fast n Furious - Supposedly set to end (the main series) with 11th movie. 



Quibi - The streamer is folding after just 6 months in service. They are paying back about 1% of the investment money they got to start the venture. With the official statement from Quibi saying they are now looking into selling off the rights to their franchises. 

PS5 Back-compat

There are 10 games that aren’t on the list:

Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume One


Hitman Go: Definitive Edition

Joe’s Diner

Just Deal With It!

Robinson: The Journey

Shadow Complex Remastered


TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2

We Sing

Comic Books/Books


Nightwing - With Dick’s memory restored, he has now disbanded the vigilante group that sprouted up in his absence, the Nightwings.

John Ridley - The Other History of the DC Universe is the project he is working on. It is a mini series that takes historic events and reframes them in the context of the DC Universe.

Star Wars: High Republic - The solicitation for issue #1 is here, and we now know that the main character will be Jedi Padawan Keeve Trennis, who is faced to choose between completing her training or saving the victims of the Great Disaster. (W) Cavan Scott, (A) Ario Anindito on sale January 2021.

Batgirl - Issue 50, the final issue for this run, is going to introduce Ryan Wilder to the DC Comic Universe… though seemingly NOT as Batwoman. On sale next week.

Enter the Phoenix

The current Avengers story arc seems to be killing off SOMEONE on the team. The solicitation for issue #41 says that the Phoenix Force is looking for a new host, and not all will survive. On sale January of 21.

Juggernaut VS Hulk

Marvel answers the age old question. Hulk is the stronger but Juggernaut is the victor in issue #2 of the Juggernaut’s book. Only through the help of D-Cell, and to her great efforts, is Juggernaut able to best Hulk.

Rumor Mill


Willow - Warwick Davis officially signed on, Jon M Cho has signed on to direct the pilot episode and will join the EP list alongside Ron Howard, Kathleen Kenedy, Jonathan Kasdan, Wendy Mericle, and Bob Dolman (original screenwriter). 

Joker - Jared Leto IS returning as the clown prince of crime. The Snyder Cut giveth until their cup floweth over. 

Battlestar Galactica - Simon Kinberg has apparently signed on to write AND produce. 


Again, flying in the face of other rumors we have heard, there are new rumors that say that JJ has met with Cavill to potentially be HIS Superman too. Apparently it really does all depend on how the Snyder Cut does.

Green Lantern

MORE rumors about Ryan Reynolds return in the Green CG Spandex for the Snyder Cut.

In OTHER GL rumors… the HBO Max series is reportedly looking to cast Nicolaj Coster-Waldau as Alan Scott. Or maybe Alexander Skarsgard, or Jordan Patrick (Lovecraft Country).


NEW rumor, following the newest announcement, is putting Leto in the rumored HBO Max Batman series.


New sources about the HBO Max series.

World’s Finest

WB is now rumored to want a Bats/Supes team up movie. With Cavill??

Star Trek: Picard

Rumor has it that not only is the series going into a third season, but they are also supposedly filming season 2 and season 3 back to back throughout almost the entirety of 2021.

Bo-Katan Kryze

Katee Sackhoff is said to be coming back for a whole series around her character in the Star Wars universe. Possibly part of the Cara Dune series.


The next milestone IP might be Icon. To feature Rocket too? To star Michael B Jordan.

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