Thursday, December 3, 2020

Off Season Nerd News Rumors pt.2 | Generally Nerdy




Cancelled!! No season 2. But there is a British version.



Toxic Avenger - Peter Dinklage joins the cast of the film as the STAR? Or perhaps as the villain, Mayor Grody?

David Prowse

½ of Darth Vader has passed. He was 85. The cause has not been released other than to say it was a “short illness.”



Xbox Series - Dev Mode allows for emulation, and that means PS2 AND GAMECUBE! 

Comic Books/Books


Stephanie Meyer Says she is writing more books for the series. 

Sessions with Stan

Just check it out!!! 

Rumor Mill


Mads Mikkelsson - ACTUALLY IS playing Grindelwald after all. 

Godzilla VS Kong

Rumor has it that Netflix is offering $200 million to stream the movie, instead of Legendary releasing it in theaters. WB though may split the release A la WW84.


Another inevitable rumor. Lynda Carter is now being rumored for a cameo in the movie. Is THIS why she didn’t show up in the Crisis on Infinite Earths event on CW?

Nintendo Switch

Adding GAMEBOY games to their online store???

Silent Hills

NEW rumor has Hideo Kojima associated again. THIS TIME it is said that the project is in association with BOTH Sony and Konami, and is headed towards the PS5.

Metal Gear

Kojima is ALSO rumored to be attached to a new MG game for the PS5.

Zelda: Hyrule Warriors

Robbie, Sooga, Astor, and Purah Rumored to be the first round of DLC.

Billy Madison

Adam Sandler in the early production stages of a sequel? Who has the rights though? Happy Madison or Universal??


Ryan Reynolds will have “full control” of future Deadpool movies.

Captain America

Disney reportedly is trying to put together something to explore what happened when Cap traveled back in time.


Ray Fisher dropped from the plans to give Cyborg his very own movie…

Christmas Chronicles

Netflix in pre-production on the 3rd installment?


Daredevil is the newest buddy hero movie companion. Now that the rights have reverted to Disney MCU this might have something. The Rumor goes on to say that Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin will be the motivating reason for the team up.

Addams Family

ANOTHER rumor pinning Johnny Depp as Gomez. IS this going to Netflix?


Sebastian Stan now rumored for Luke… also Luke rumored for season 1 or 2.

New Boba spin-off rumor puts Jordan Bolger (the 100) in talks for the rumored series.


Casting rumors: Dan Stevens (Legion) for Magneto, and now Giancarlo Esposito for Xavier instead of Magneto.

New Gods

Kathy Bates to play Granny Goodness?? Based on who the official Twitter account follows...

Alita: Battle Angel

Prequel series for Disney+? Could lead to a sequel movie.


The rumored series is now said to begin production sometime “mid 2021.”

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