Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Off Season Rumors and such Pt. 5 | Week In Nerdom




Locke and Key - Renewed for season 3 already.

Book of Boba Fett

WILL NOT be Mando season 3 is a completely different thing. This is the project that is currently in production that we have heard rumblings from. 


Green Knight

A24 has put a July 30 2021 theatrical release. 

Jeremy Bulloch

The original Boba Fett actor has passed away at 75. Parkinson’s 



Cyberpunk 2077 - PSN and Xbox store pull the digital download for all platforms because of MASSIVE issues on current gen consoles. Gamestop now getting in on the refund action. 


343 and Microsoft are cutting the lion’s share of online support for the original versions of the games through halo 4 by December of 21. 

Rumor Mill

Mandalorian Season 3

All signs point to 2022. Pedro HAS signed on for the third season, scheduling is the reason. Body Double Brenden Wayne confirms Pedro’s return.


Word on the street is that Amber Heard’s role is on the rails as WB is looking for a new actress for the female lead in the movie.


New series will be “R rated” style much like the Netflix show.


WB supposedly working on a Punchline series likely for HBO Max.

Star Wars

Qi’Ra and Darth Maul are subject of a series of rumors placing them as having a future in the Disney+ side of Lucasfilm. From Obi-Wan to Lando to Rangers, these two characters are reportedly coming to a BUNCH of shows.

ALSO, rumored Disney plan to “save the franchise” brings Grogu in contact with not just Luke, but also Anakin as a teacher. THEN leads into a Grogu movie trilogy.

Jessica Jones

Disney is now rumored to ALSO be bringing Krysten Ritter back as the title character for their new reboot series.

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