Saturday, January 23, 2021

Kingpin Rumors, and just how BIG is Ryan Reynolds' ... Contract?? | Week...




First Artist EVER to hit 50 BILLION streams.


New Record, “OK Human” to be released on Jan 29th


Mike Patton’s OTHER project will also be releasing new music. Tonic Immobility, out March 26th on Patton’s Ipecac Records.



Superman & Lois - New trailer and announcement that the first ep will be 90 minutes. 


Barbra Gordon coming to season 3 of Titans. Savannah Welch cast. Likely in the Oracle role and not Batgirl. 


Snowpiercer renewed for a season 3. 

The Flash

Season premiere moved back a week to make room for the elongated Superman premiere. 


K-2S0, and therefore Alan Tudyk not coming back for the series. At least not yet. 



Morbius  - Moved back from Oct 8 to Jan 21 2022 to avoid No Time To Die. With Dune scheduled for Oct 1, and now Bond moving to that same weekend, it makes sense. 

Other Moves - F9, Black Widow, Uncharted, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Last Night In Soho,


Currently filming. 

Naked Gun

Liam Neeson to helm the Frank Drebin role in a Naked Fun REBOOT?? This is the third time this movie has been in one stage of development or another, with Ed Helms at one point in 2013 being the man to wear Drebin’s shoes (and tutu?), then again in 2017 as a lega-sequel. This time to be produced (maybe directed) by Seth MacFarlane. 


LG Phones

LG is getting out of the smart phone business. After years of loss, they are going to either phase it out all together, or sell it off.

Resident Evil

New Village trailer and demo available now (PS4/5) 

RE: Verse Multiplayer game packaged WITH VIII. 


Sara Conner and T-800 next skins. 

Comic Books/Books

DC Universe Infinite

The new comic app launched 1-21-21. With a more extensive collection of books than the DC Universe app ever did. 

Rumor Mill


Vincent D’Onofrio rumored to be in talks to bring the character to the MCU.

Batman: TAS

More sources say sequel series.


WandaVision introducing Mephisto as villain for the MCU.


Jude Law now being rumored for what is rumored to be called the “Joker-Verse” which will cover “many” characters who have taken up the mantle through the years. Many of whom, if not all, are supposed to be inspired by Arthur Fleck.


Ryan Reynolds is rumored to have 10 PROJECTS on his contract with the Mouse.


Tanner Buchanan from Cobra Kai rumored to be cast as Bobby Drake (Iceman)


Video game in development. With Boba Fett a playable character too...

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