Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Week In Nerdom





Rob Zombie

New record out March 12 on Nuclear Blast. Next single to be released Jan 29.

Order the new single and Album “The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy” 


Just entered Platinum Underground studios in AZ to record their 12th studio album. Slated for release toward the end of the year on Nuclear Blast.



Invincible - Robert Kirkman’s animated series will debut on Amazon Prime March 26th. 3 episodes on that day, then every friday till April 30th. 

WandaVision - Mephisto NOT Mephistopheles… sorry about that

Monsters At Work

Billy Crystal says that the series is actually IN PRODUCTION, and we might be seeing it within the next year, assuming work is allowed to continue. 

Larry King

The legend has passed on at the age of 87. COVID related.



A Quiet Place 2 - New release Date: Sept 17

F9 - May 28

Black Widow- May 7

Uncharted - July 16

Ghostbusters - June 11

Last Night In Soho - April 23

AMC - $917 million later in new equity and debt capital, and bankruptcy is off the table.

Five Eyes

Guy Ritchie’s next movie just got Josh Hartnett alongside Jason Statham. 

Mortal Kombat

New Line Cinema’s IG says that we should be getting a trailer for the movie in February!!




Was going to hike the Xbox Live Gold price from $60/yr to $120/yr. Then they didn’t… instead they added free online multiplayer for free to play games.

Comic Books/Books

Heroes Reborn

Marvel’s next event imagines the world without the Avengers… the current Avengers creative team of writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness will be behind the new Heroes Reborn. With the Squadron Supreme in place as Earth’s protectors, only Blade remembers the world as it should be. 

Aquaman: Earth One

Cancelled. Francis Manapul’s contract with DC is up, and it seems that he is moving on. 


Brian K Vaughn says that he and Fiona Staples have begun to work once again on the Epic comic. 

Rumor Mill

Harry Potter

HBO Max is RUMORED to have at least one series in the works for the world of Hogwarts. HBO Max has denied that such things exist, but even THR is getting in on the rumors now.

Monarch (Godzilla)

HBO Max is ALSO rumored to be working on a series based around the shady corporation from the Godzilla mythology. TOHO contract???


RETURNING to the MCU?? Can we move on please? Jim Starlin says he heard that his creation will be in the Eternals… well that’s not really the same now is it?

Star Wars: KOTOR

#3 happening soon on LucasFilms Games??

Beetlejuice 2

MORE rumors about the sequel that never will be. Now they are saying that Michael Keaton has signed on for the project.

Star Wars

The complaints about the sequel trilogy being too quippy have, apparently, just given Disney an idea. Rumors surrounding a full blown comedy set in the Star Wars universe are now floating about.

Mortal Kombat Movie

Cole YOUNG is potentially Kuai Liang… I like this one.

Obi Wan

Jar Jar RETURNS??!? Sounds like a passing appearance… if true.

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