Wednesday, January 20, 2021

WandaVision HUGE Rumor, Snyder-Verse Deconfirmed | Week In Nerdom




Times of Grace - New album FINALLY gets a release time frame… Spring 2021.

Fear Factory - Spring as well… new single “soon” according to Dino

Phil Spektor

Passed in prison from complications associated with the virus. He was 81.


The proprietors of her estate are actively working on legally releasing her work to streaming platforms.

Dr Dre

Brain Aneurysm…


2 new songs Twisted Tongues and Escape from LA

Expected to be part of their newest record, which should be released by the end of the year.



Moonknight - Ethan Hawke brought on as the series villain. Bushman? Dracula?  Possibly... 

Last of Us - Found a director in Kantemir Balagov, this year’s Cannes darling. 

The Boys - Eric Kripke confirms that one episode of season 3 will in fact be an adaptation of the Herogasm mini series 


Godzilla VS Kong

Moved from May 21 to March 26.

Galaxy Quest

Tim Allen recently had an interview with Entertainment Weekly where he mentioned that there is a script for a sequel. There would apparently have to be some pretty major work done to it, since it hasn’t been updated since the passing of Alan Rickman in 2016, and it would pit Rickman and Allen against one another. But he does sound hopeful that something could come of it either way. 



Apex legends

Season 8 starts on the 2nd of February. New Legend, Fuse, seems to be into explosives. 

ALSO, Horizon will be getting nerfed in Season 8. No official word on what about the Legend is getting softened, but it does seem to be her Gravity Lift ability. 

Comic Books/Books

Batman: Dark Knight

Tom Taylor will be writing a new miniseries that will take the Dark Knight to Europe to deal with a new villain called Equilibrium. He will have the help of a new sidekick as well (either Knight or Squire).

Rumor Mill


Snyder Verse - NOT A THING. Zack himself has taken to his Vero app and said after the Snyder Cut, there will not be anything else because he is “busy.” ALSO, said that the Cut will be one GIANT movie and not released in 4 hour chunks. 


WandaVision - SPOILER ALERT! I don’t think Wanda is doing this on purpose


Evan Peters in the show??? Spanish voice dub actor leaks that he is going to be translating Evan Peters’ version of Quicksilver. So we WILL have 2 Quicksilvers in the show...

Spider-Man 3

Charlie Cox now reportedly been seen on set.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Matt Damon reportedly joined the cast.

Apex Legends

Season 8 starts in 2 weeks. The japanese version of the season trailer might have leaked that the Switch version of the game will ALSO launch that same day, Feb 2.

Mario Kart 9

Dual rumor saying that the plan is to ship this summer, AND that the series will take a note from the Smash Bros playbook with characters from other nintendo series. (i.e. Link, Ice Climbers, Etc…)

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