Wednesday, July 21, 2021

It's All Going to be OKAY | Week In Nerdom


Shout Outs

@geekvine - Martin

@SuperDaveRaines - Super Dave



John 5 - ALSO has Dave Mustane guesting on the “Sinner” record.

New Videos

Times of Grace - “Mend You” 


Circle Jerks - touring with Municipal Waste, Adolescents, and Negative Approach. Starts, Sept 5 in PioneerTown, CA, till May 1 in Dallas, TX. 

Volbeat - touring with some combination of The Hu, Twin Temple, and Municipal Waste. Going from Sept 24 in Atlanta, through Oakland October 10. 

Coheed and Cambria

Claudio has announced that the band is officially working on a new record. 

Biz  Markie

Passed at 57. Complications from diabetes. 



Apex Legends - Seer is the next legend for season 10. AND new weapon Rampage LMG. 

Comic Books/Books

Trial of Magneto
Magneto being blamed for the death of the Scarlet Witch.



Mandalorian - season 3 officially (??) underway.

The Continental - the John Wick series has found its director, Albert Hughes. 

Letterkenny - Live tour gets rescheduled FINALLY! Starting Feb 1 in Ontario Canada, through April 2 in Las Vegas. 


Launching CNN plus in 2022. 



Blade - Bassam Tariq IN TALKS to direct… but it’s likely to happen. 

Batgirl - Isabella Merced, Zoey Deutch, Leslie Grace, and Haley Lu Richardson said to be testing for the lead. 

Black Widow - Wow… I over estimated that by a little bit. 80% drop from Friday to Friday.

Rumor Mill


Nintendo Switch Pro - Nintendo says no. 


Princess Leia will be the “impetus” for the story…

ALSO, the return of C-3PO and R2-D2 is rumored to happen in the series as well.

Wonder Woman 3

Cheetah set to return to the movie…


New rumor about a handheld system in development.

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