Wednesday, July 7, 2021

NEW Silent Hill, AND Grand Theft Auto Rumors... | Week In Nerdom



New Videos

Times of Grace - “Rescue” From “Songs of Loss and Separation” to be released July 16th.

Aaron Lewis - “Am I The Only One?” 

At the Gates - “The Nightmare of Being” 

Heavy Metal TV

Its like Headbanger’s Ball 24/7. Launched on the 5th, technically started in 2012. 



Nintendo Switch - Pro version is still a myth, BUT we now have an Oct 8th release date for the OLED version. Only minor and basic upgrades involved here include on board speakers for un docked listening, and an OLED screen… thats about it.


Robocop: Rogue City - New game announced for 2023, developed by Teyon and produced by NACON. No word on Peter Weller’s potential return. 

Lord of the Rings: Gollum

New, more refined, release window of FALL 2022. 

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Press release leaked (accidentally published) by EA France says that the 10 year old game is getting new DLC called “Legacy of the Sith.” Planned for a Holiday release.



He-Man - Just keeps getting deeper and deeper with the issues…

Lovecraft Country - No second season. 

Batwoman - Robin Givens cast as Jada Jet in season 3. 

The Witcher: Blood Origin - Cast Michelle Yeoh as Scian


Transformers: War for Cybertron - Kingdom - set to release July 29th.

The Megyn Kelly Show

SiriusXM has given the conservative personality a show. 



Fear Street Pt 2 1978 - 

Rebel Moon

Can’t get in with Lucasfilm to make a proper Star Wars movie? Do what Zack Snyder did and just “pay homage” with your own movie. 

Rumor Mill

Spider-Man: No Way Home

LEAKS online???

Dr. Strange

Series headed for Disney+?? The series is rumored to be the “passing of the torch” to Brother Voodoo as the new Sorcerer Supreme. Jericho Drumm (Brother Voodoo) is supposed to debut in the Multiverse movie.

Silent Hill

ANOTHER Rumor has come about. This time though it is because of an official announcement from Bloober, a game studio with a strong horror background. Bloober recently started a partnership with Konami.


Hugh Jackman’s social media posts have been fueling rumors of his return to the character. Cameo in the multiverse?

Captain America 4

Main villain said to be Agent Sharon Carter?

Old Guard

Third movie already Greenlit?

Fast and Furious

John Cena and Charlize Theron to do a Cypher spin off movie.

The Batman

Joker to cameo??


New rumors saying the release date won’t be until 24 at the earliest. ALSO, says that it will be revisiting a modern version of Vice City.

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