Saturday, July 3, 2021

Mass Effect Rumors, Rogue Squadron NEW Details & MORE | Week In Nerdom




Limp Bizkit - Wes Borlnd did an interview on Johnny Christ’s interview show and talked about the status of the new LB album. They apparently have 35+ songs in he can instrumentally and are waiting on Fred to lay down vocals. 


Testament - Exodus and Death Angel. The Bay Strikes Back starting in Danville, VA on Sept 9, till Nov 27 in Oakland 

Meshuggah - With Converge and Torche Starts Feb 23 in Silver Spring Maryland through March 20 in Atlanta.

ZZ Top - Starts July 16th at the Delaware County Fair, through May 14th in Newfoundland Canada.


Smells Like Teen Spirit has passed 1 Billion streams on Spotify. 

John 5

Peter Criss to guest on a song on John 5’s next album Sinner. The song on the record is called “Georgia on My Mind.”



The first of the lawsuits against the social media giant has been dismissed by the court. The FTC, the court said, didn’t provide sufficient legal reason to claim that Facebook is a monopoly. Though the FTC has 30 days to re-file. 


New Policy changes that take effect on July 20th will allow anyone to sell goods and services from their Venmo account. Even if you only have a personal account. The only real catch is that you will have to pay the same 1.9% plus 10 cents. 


Sony has bought Housemarque, the production company that brought us Returnal. This is the 13th studio that Sony has purchased, and it follows the 2019 purchase of Insomniac Games. 

Contra Returns

After being released for 4 years in China, the mobile game is finally coming stateside. 

Comic Books/Books


Ice Nine Kills

Ice Nine Kills is releasing a comic book that ties into their Silver Scream album, as well as the video series, called “Inked In Blood” through Z2 Comics.



Good Omens - Season 2 announced from Amazon. With both Tennant and Sheen returning to the lead roles. 

Foundation - Sept 24 on Apple TV+ 


Loki - Mid-season 


New series in the MCU spinning off from Hawkeye. Alaqua Cox has been cast for the role of Echo in Hawkeye, and will be the lead in this series. 


Tom Welling himself has confirmed the animated series IS in fact in the works at WB. Probably for HBO Max, though no announcement as to the platform has been made just yet. 


Prequel series The Winchesters is coming to the CW. Series will be produced and narrated by Dean himself Jensen Ackles and his wife Janneel. Robbie Thompson will be writing and executive producing. Seems that Matt Cohen will be returning to play the young John Winchester. 

Galaxy Quest

ANOTHER TV adaptation is in the works. This time Simon Pegg and Georgia Prichett are writing it, according to Pritchett in an interview she did with the Times. 



Transformers: Rise of the Beasts - Ron Perlman has been officially cast as the voice for Optimus Primal. Peter Cullen will return as the voice of Optimus Prime, and both Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg will executive produce.

Now Filming - Aquaman 2, John Wick 4, 

Dune - Updated release date!! Now set to release Oct. 22 

New Release dates - Many Saints of Newark Oct. 1, Cry Macho Sept. 17th, 


Shang-Chi - release date Sept. 3

Halloween Kills - Oct 15th… all the kills???

Blood Red Sky - Netflix vampires on a plane movie… July 23

Fear Street - July 2

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Patty Jenkins WON’T be writing the script. Instead it has been announced that relatively new screenwriter, Mathew Robinson. Robinson has little nerd cred, but he HAS worked with Ricky Gervais on the Invention of Lying, and is credited on the Live Die Repeat and Repeat movie, as well as the Little Shop of Horrors remake. 

Rumor Mill


Charlie Cox is rumored to he coming back to the MCU as part of the Hawkeye series. Also, other undisclosed Netflix Marvel characters are said to be returning in this series as well. Also, ALSO, Daredevil is further said to be playing a major role in the new Echo series on Disney+.

Obi Wan

Inquisitors will be a big factor in the series… Isn’t this already known?

Darth Vader

In the same vein, there are new rumors saying that with Hayden Christiansen’s return to the black cape and rebreather, all this is leading to a Vader series on Disney+.

The Witcher

5 more seasons on Cavill’s contract?


New rumors about the series going to Hulu so as to not confuse the family friendly fare on Disney+.

Mass Effect

Netflix animated series rumored to be in the works. Said to be an original narrative that happens at the same time as the story in the games. Perhaps THIS is where Cavill’s talents are going in his rumored casting for something pertaining to this IP.

A Quiet Place Part 3

Rumored to have been green lit at Paramount.

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