Friday, October 26, 2018

Gaming Week In Nerdom 10-25 - Spider-Man PS4, WB Montreal is hiding some...


Gaming news for the nerds!

Spider-Man PS4
New game+ mode and “Ultimate” difficulty now live. Actual DLC is still on its way. Still no release date for The Heist (the first chapter of “The City That Never Sleeps”).

WB Montreal
Osama Dorias, senior game designer for WB Montreal, said in a podcast interview that his company was not only finishing up on a DC property but that he had just joined the team of ANOTHER DC title at his company. Is this the Superman game or are we diving back into Gotham?

Walking Dead Final Season
The Telltale Games property isn’t as dead as the company who once made it. Skybound games has picked up the franchise in order to finish the story. The final 2 chapters will be pushed back at least somewhat, though the director for the game, Kent Mudle, couldn’t say more than that as the team was currently working on other projects before picking up where Telltale left off.

Switch Pro Controllers
PDP is a peripherals company who has Pro Smash Bros players in mind. They are launching this series of controllers for the switch that are pretty awesome gamecube replicas, with a couple perks over the original Gamecube controllers. First, they don’t require an adaptor like the one coming with the Limited Edition of the game does, second you can customize the “C-Stick” to be a full sized joystick.

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