Thursday, October 25, 2018

Music Week In Nerdom 10-22 - Slipknot album update, Devotchka new song, ...


This week in Music News for the nerds!

Sick of it All
NYHC legends are putting out their 12th studio album on Nov 2 called “Wake the Sleeping Dragon.” They just released the title track from the album:
Solid hardcore track. Not really breaking new ground but that isn’t really what you expect from Sick of it All.

Corey did an interview with Resurrection Fest TV in Spain talking about the new album. Saying that not only have they written one of their heaviest songs to date for this record, but we might be getting more than just the album. They have demoed 20ish songs and the cream of that crop is going to be what makes the cut for the album, BUT some of the remainder might see its way to the internet via bonus material or some such.

All That Remains
Guitarist Oli Herbert found dead at 44 near his home in conneticut Oct 17. Started the band with Phil Labonte in 1998. No cause of death until autopsy has been performed.

Scott Kelly
His new non-Neurosis project was set to tour in November but he cancelled. Mirrors of Psychic Warfare is the project, and his reasoning is that he feels touring will effect his mental health as it has in the past.

New song “Empty Vessels” from the album This Night Falls Forever that we talked about last month.
The new Devotchka sound is good. Not too far removed, but FINALLY showing progress.

What did I miss? What should we talk about next week?
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Until the next one guys, always ALWAYS remember that if it's Generally Nerdy, it's probably here!

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