Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Music Week In Nerdom 10-29 - New from Static X, AFI, Avatar, and MORE!


This week in Music News.

Avatar is starting a Kickstarter today to create what sounds like a feature length music video, called “The Legend of Avatar Country”, for their most recent album “Avatar Country.” The album came out almost exactly one year ago, and they are currently on the second tour in support of it.

The band has begun recording their follow up to last year’s “Reaching Into Infinity,” and you can watch them on Twitch. twitch.tv/hermanli
Not only can you watch it, but you might eve0n be able to WIN one of Herman Li’s signature Ibanez guitars. All you have to do is follow them on Twitch and let participate in the commenting on their process. Li said that they are encouraging people to give them feedback on their solos as they are recording them.

The band has released “Get Dark” to the surprise of most… and it really isn’t bad.
This is the first single from their upcoming album “The Missing Man” which is set for release Dec 7. Much more in the punk vein than their last 2 releases. And it sounds like that was on purpose judging by what Jade has said about the production.

Static X
New record? Project Regeneration is what they are calling it. It will have the original Wiconsin Death Trip lineup of Tony Campos on bass, Koichi Fukuda on guitar, and Ken Jay on drums. ALSO, it will feature the final vocal recordings of Wayne Static. Campos did a video for their Youtube channel (https://youtu.be/47nAiz5-CPc) where he explains the project. To finish the album they are reaching out to friends of theirs in the industry, David Draiman, Ivan Moody, Al Jourgensen, Edsel Dope, Dez Fafara, Burton C. Bell, for vocal performances. They are also planning a tour that will be determined by the fans. http://www.static-x.org

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